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Nice to Meet You!
If you've found your way here, then you know I'm Katie, a government employee who'd rather be decorating. My husband and I bought our house in March of 2010 and since the day the keys hit my hand, I've been living out my childhood dream of renovating my first home. Seriously. Childhood dream. I still have my "house notebook" from when I was 8! While my tastes have changed quite a bit the enthusiasm is still there - I love every minute we spend in our house.

I have two hopes for my blog. The first is to create memories for Matt and me, so long after we've forgotten all the hard work we can look back and see how we've changed our home.

My second hope is that you can learn from my mistakes. I mess up. A lot. Even when I'm following directions! (It has nothing to do with the wine. Promise.)

I'll always share what I've found to make DIY tasks easier, when its okay to cut corners, and when you should absolutely spend all that painstaking time on prep work. I hope from reading this blog you find the courage to tackle any project, because if I can do it, you surely can too :)

My Family
My fantastic husband Matt is my partner-in-crime and will (usually) help me clean up any disaster mess I create while trying to remodel our home. He's very handy to have around the house; he used to work at a hardware store and learned a few things through osmosis from the contractors that came in. We've known each other since middle school, have been friends since college, and got married in August 2010.

We're not usually this fancy, this is from our wedding reception!

When we're not working on our house (or working) we can be found on the dodgeball court (yes... we play in a dodgeball league... with adults), playing soccer (well, Matt plays, I just try), or on the couch watching movies. We're lucky to have both of our families here in Portland and many friends we've known for years.

Matt and I share our house with two furry roommates, Carl and Diego. Carl is our orange cat and Diego is our black and white dog cat. We adopted Carl first and then decided he needed a playmate, so Diego came along looking like this:

Now its more like this. He's big enough to open the front door!

UPDATE: Our family grew! We added a mini-human to the bunch on July 20, 2013. Look how cute she is: 

Adele Emily Molly Newcomb

So that's a little bit about our family. We're excited to share our DIY adventure of renovating our home with you! Pin It


  1. I'm adding you to my blog roll based solely on the fact that you have an orange cat (I do too!). We also just bought a ranch that we are fixing up.

    Great blog!

  2. You are people after my own heart. There isn't a wall or floor in my house that I haven't redone. We've been here for 15 years so now I'm starting over... Love Habitat Restore, love painting hardware. Actually haven't run into much of anything I couldn't paint. Almost everything in my house belonged to someone else before I got it. I tell people that my favorite place to shop is at the curb...


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