Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet the newest little Newcomb

Hi friends! Checking in again to say hi and introduce our mini human, Adele! She was born almost 4 weeks ago on July 20th. It was a slightly eventful birth because after 16 hours of labor I had a c section, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her arm like a shoulder bag, so she was stuck. We're both healthy and doing well and I'm happy to report once I gave birth, the nausea was gone!!! After feeling sick for 8 months I felt amazing, despite the c section. No nausea and an adorable little one? Totally worth it (though don't ask when I'll be doing it again).

Matt stayed home for two weeks which was wonderful, I loved getting to know our new kiddo together. We've had lots of visitors which is also wonderful, my father in law even brought me a beer in the hospital.

Side note: While he was home Matt also installed the back splash in the kitchen. No grout yet, but it looks amazing. Sneak peek:

Now he's back at work so I'm home with Adele, learning all about how to play with newborns and stay away from the wine (at least until Matt gets home). I'm also trying to re-learn how to nap, which is a sorely needed skill.

Here's the cutie herself, she is giving mom a break and napping for record time! Photo is from my phone, I'll post better quality photos whenever I actually turn the computer on :) She always naps with her arms like that.

Update: More pics of Adele:

Tummy Time with Dad and Carl

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