Thursday, November 21, 2013

Almost done dining room

Hi friends! Adele is napping for longer than 20 minutes! (Knocks on wood.) She’s usually a great sleeper at night but naps are a challenge. Anyway, since I have a little time I wanted to show you our new dining room. What I really want to show you is the kitchen, but I want pretty, the counters are not covered in breast milk and formula photos, so it’ll have to wait till a weekend when I remember to clean AND take photos :)

When we added on to the kitchen, we also added about 70 square feet to the dining room. Boy, does it feel bigger! We can have our (new) 92” table in there and still have a clear walkway from the kitchen to the deck. Like most rooms, its 90% complete. We still need to caulk and paint the trim and hang art on the walls.

My laptop died and I lost a bunch of photos, so this is the best/only “before” shot I have. Its a screen shot of a video on Matt’s ipad, when the chickens were living in the dining room. Sorry.

(I don’t like it when he takes videos :)

As you can see, the room is sort of short and squatty. The visual appeal of the vaulted ceiling makes up for it, but whenever more than a few people were in there, it was really cramped. Now, we have room for our big families!

I’ll post someday about how we framed the house, why we chose to close in the vaulted ceiling (hint: money), and how to lay the flooring, but for now I just wanted to show you a couple pretty photos and share my sources.

The best part is the added windows! There weren’t any windows in here before, so I love all the added light, even in dreary November.


If you look at the photos side by side you can see how much space we gained. (The doorway on the left is in the same place.)

dining room-001

What I’m really looking forward to is some art on the walls! The room definitely needs some sprucing up with window treatments and art on the walls, but its come a long way!

My favorite details so far  in this room full of wood are the metal accents on the table and chairs.

dining room
And of course a place to keep my wine.

Can’t wait to decorate for Christmas in here!

The best part of DIYing this room was that Matt is more willing to purchase some new furniture, you know, to make the floor we laid look good :) Works out for me!

In case you’re interested, here is a source list:

All construction lumber and supplies from Home Depot or Parr Lumber
Flooring: On clearance at Great Floors in Portland, $2.49 / sq ft
Table: Clayton table from World Market, $524.25 with 25% off coupon (not currently on their website but this is the coffee table in the same style)
Chairs: Avington dining chairs from Target (on sale at $159.99 for 2)
Wine rack: Norden occasional table from IKEA, $199.00
Light fixture: Drum fixture, Lamps Plus on clearance and an extra 10% off because it was the floor model, $120ish (I can’t find it on Lamps Plus but here is something similar)

”Oh, we’re documenting the dining room? Let me get on the table.”

And for good measure, the little mohawked gal I get to hang out with when she wakes up.


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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet the newest little Newcomb

Hi friends! Checking in again to say hi and introduce our mini human, Adele! She was born almost 4 weeks ago on July 20th. It was a slightly eventful birth because after 16 hours of labor I had a c section, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her arm like a shoulder bag, so she was stuck. We're both healthy and doing well and I'm happy to report once I gave birth, the nausea was gone!!! After feeling sick for 8 months I felt amazing, despite the c section. No nausea and an adorable little one? Totally worth it (though don't ask when I'll be doing it again).

Matt stayed home for two weeks which was wonderful, I loved getting to know our new kiddo together. We've had lots of visitors which is also wonderful, my father in law even brought me a beer in the hospital.

Side note: While he was home Matt also installed the back splash in the kitchen. No grout yet, but it looks amazing. Sneak peek:

Now he's back at work so I'm home with Adele, learning all about how to play with newborns and stay away from the wine (at least until Matt gets home). I'm also trying to re-learn how to nap, which is a sorely needed skill.

Here's the cutie herself, she is giving mom a break and napping for record time! Photo is from my phone, I'll post better quality photos whenever I actually turn the computer on :) She always naps with her arms like that.

Update: More pics of Adele:

Tummy Time with Dad and Carl

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Checking in...

Hi blog friends! Its been a while. I've missed you! I have taken (and will probably continue to take) a long break from blogging. I think I was fine with the break knowing that the blog will be here when I started writing again and that some of you may still be checking in every once in a while!

Well, news that google reader is going away (which is so annoying) made me think that I may actually lose connection with some of you, which I do not want to do. I haven't figured out what exactly to add to this blog to make sure everyone can subscribe via their new favorite reader, but I'm working on it. In the mean time, I do want to provide a bit of an update, and let you know that I'm still here! I'm alive, and may not be writing much but still reading blogs so I can keep up.

I think I last left you with our new kitchen all framed, in October. So yeah. That IS a long break.

I have been taking photos and writing notes and do plan to share the kitchen progress in chronological order someday hopefully soon. Here is an un-edited, phone-taken sneak peek of Matt laying the floor.

My blog break started this fall because I was cold and tired and wanted to finish the kitchen so we could turn the heat on and cook again. So all our energy went into finishing the project and I just didn't have enough left over to write about it. (Many of you have asked how its going and I'm so so glad you're still interested! Makes me very happy.)

Then... I got knocked up. Yep. Matt and I are expecting a baby girl in July! I think my bulging belly and ultrasounds are beginning to make it feel real and we're both really excited (and really terrified). I'm lucky and grateful because so far she's been growing well and I've had no complications.

I'm unlucky and frustrated because even now, over halfway through the pregnancy, I'm still getting "morning" sickness daily. Man, calling it morning sickness is bullshit. For many women, they're sick all day or different parts of the day. For me, its worse at night. This works out for my job, but around dusk each day I feel really nauseous and can't do much.

I spend a lot of time on the couch trying not to be sick. Carl thinks I'm just acting as a chair.
Anyway, I know it will all be so worth it when I get to meet her (and she's on the outside!). I've just been trying to set realistic expectations so while I'd really like to say I'm going to start blogging regularly again, I'm just going to say I'll check in when I can.
We've started on a nursery and I've been taking progress pics to share those too! I'm lucky to have many IRL friends who, in the last few months, have been very supportive of my turn-into-a-pumpkin-at-7pm tendencies. I'm very thankful for them, for Matt bringing me breakfast in bed every morning to keep the nausea away, and for zofran and watermelon gum, which make me feel better a lot of the time.

Thank you!
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