Friday, October 12, 2012

Kitchen Addition Update {Help! I’m Exhausted!}

So, we finally have a good pace going with the kitchen remodel. And man. I. am. tired.


After a busy summer of weddings, baby showers, and a liiittle bit of kitchen work, we finally got going. We’ve been trying to still put in 40 hours a week at work and make some real progress. I’m completely exhausted. I imagine this is what parenting is like :) (Just kidding to all you parents out there!)

As my fellow Portlanders know, we’ve been having fabulous weather here. Not a cloud in sight! Its October! But about a week ago, “chance of rain” and “showers” showed up on the forecast.

So Matt and I thought, “Hey! Time to demo the kitchen!”


We welcomed all of the elements into our house as we removed the old kitchen and dining room.

Luckily it looks like this today, because boy did it rain. And rain. And it’ll keep going till Tuesday.


But let me back up a little bit. I think the last update we shared was when we were still

digging hole. We’ve come a long way, baby. (Is that phrase from a cigarette ad?)

I’ll get into all these steps in more detail once I’m not so brain-dead (details like whether I’d EVER DIY an addition again), but I wanted to show off a few pics of how far we’ve come.

After the hole was dug, we poured concrete footings and Matt built the framing for the foundation and poured the concrete.

After the foundation was poured, cured, and inspected, Matt installed the floor joists.


I have to admit, up until this point, Matt did some all the heavy lifting. (Literally. That saw weighs like 50 lbs.)

Frankly, I had absolutely no interest in pouring the foundation and lots of interest in getting a new kitchen quickly. Matt and I definitely had different visions of how this addition was going to go. Its been the source of most of our marital disagreements thus far. But, now we’re working together and still like each other (most of the time ;) Maybe some day I’ll regale you with all of the tales of our remodel woes (kidding!).

Anyway, the real fun began when the dumpster arrived. (Note: in Oregon, if you order a mixed construction debris dumpster and keep normal garbage out of it, the waste company sorts and recycles the material!)

We took out the cabinets in advance (nicely) so we could give them away on craigslist, and then had some very kind and generous-with-their-time friends and family over for a demo party.


After a few hours, we had this.

After the demo was mostly done, it was time to start putting our house back together before the rain.

First, subfloor.

Then, framing the walls.

Then, sheathing (the boards underneath your siding).

And that’s where we stand. Right now, there is a big, temporary tent of plastic over that corner of the house to protect the sheathing from the pouring rain.


We hired someone to install windows tomorrow, our first (hired) help! We’ll also be finishing up demo and framing the interior wall (i.e.. staying inside).

Then, siding arrives Monday and we supposedly have a few days without rain next week to finish up the exterior wall before we have no rain breaks till June.

I’m tired just typing about it :)

What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Wow! This is exciting! You are far braver souls than we. Can't wait to watch your progress.

  2. But why are you exhausted? Haha, just kidding. This is exciting!

  3. Well, I had a nice long comment and it disappeared. Anyhooo, Keep going! We remodeled our house for 7 years (save money, do some, save money, do some). I can SO relate to being tired (worked full time plus two teen-agers and aging parents), but it was VERY worth it!

    I know your new kitchen will be TOTALLY AWESOME! You'll be so proud that you did it yourself! We too had some of it done, but did a huge amount of it ourselves.

    I look forward to your progress!

  4. Love the update - all the hard work will be so worth it!!!

  5. WOW! You guys are rockstars, seriously, this is so much work! Nothing like upcoming rain to motivate, right?? :) I'm excited that the project is underway and at the rate you're going, your kitchen will probably be done before ours! :)

  6. I got so many points here that are why I love reading your post. Thank you so much!

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