Thursday, September 6, 2012


I ignored Instagram for a while, for fear that it’d be like Google+. I’d sign up, find a bunch of people I know on it, and then never use it.

But really, I love instagram. I was hooked pretty quickly. Its easy (and very fast!) to use. And my favorite part (besides the pretty pictures) is seeing insights into people’s daily lives and what is important to them.

Apparently, what is important to me is food, and my pets.

Though I do love the shot I got of Mt. Hood out the window.

So, let’s be insta-friends!

Are you on instagram? What is your handle? Mine is newcombhome (original, huh?).

Please leave your instagram handle in the comments or find me on there so we can connect!

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  1. Katie, did you submit that photo to Southwest airlines magazine??? They have a contest each month and I think that photo would take the cake. It's an amazing shot! Not on instagram yet, but I may venture that way soon...
    -Kristen @ Inspired Whims

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