Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to remove a toilet ring stain

I know. I have you on the edge of your seat with that title, don’t I?

I was reading a blog about getting some stains off a bathtub a while back and it occurred to me that I never shared my ‘this is too easy’ way of removing the ring stains from the tub and toilet.

(I can’t remember which blogger did this. Damn! She tested a bunch of methods in her tub. If its you, please tell me and I’ll add a link!)

Cleaning this ring off took me about 7 seconds.


Seriously, so easy. It works in the toilet too, but I thought you’d probably rather stare at a tub than the inside of a toilet.

I tried all kinds of different chemicals to get the ring off the toilet and nothing worked. I had given up until I was wandering the aisles at the local hardware store (A-Boy) and  found this little tool. It taunted me to come out of toilet stain fighting retirement, so I snagged one to try and finally win that battle.


And win I did. It worked like a charm.

Its a pumice stone. I don’t know if you need to but I ran the water over the stain first and then used the pumice stone to remove it. Easy as pie.

Like I said, I got this at A-Boy but I think you can get them anywhere. Here’s a link to one on amazon.com:

Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover #TBR-6.

Its a little spendy but as far as I can tell it will last a looong time and takes the elbow grease out of cleaning the toilet which is really nice.

And just because I’m talking about toilets, and toilets make me think of butts, here you go.

Now if I only had a really easy way to clean up after these three.
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  2. Funny (but informative) post. Love the Butt photo. I'm ready for a chicken update :) xoxo mush

  3. OK, maybe not a sexy topic, but I'm really glad you posted! I've got some stains I've been working on all summer, with no success. Going to try this!

  4. I have one but was totally afraid to try it...I guess I need to!

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