Sunday, July 1, 2012

Outdoor Decor Inspiration (And Finally a Clean Deck!)

I power washed our deck this morning. That chore was not in the plan for today. But it was slippery and grimy and gross and I guess I just didn’t want to fall down anymore :)

For 50 bucks, a couple hours and wet shoes, its the most embarrassing and glorious Before & After ever.

Seriously, how did we let it get that gross?

I like to think its because when we bought the house there was no stain or water seal on the deck. But man, we should have addressed this two years ago.

Here’s me in action. Hot outfit, I know.

Got me thinking though. Someday, maybe in 2015 or whenever we’re done with the kitchen remodel, we can start on the backyard :) Once we get the whole yard cleaned up, I’ll finally decorate the deck!

At least the deck is looking nice and clean, for now.



Of course, one productive thing is enough for Sunday so rather than work on anything worthwhile, I went to the interwebs for deck decor inspiration.

Which is your fave? What screams “put your feet up and have a glass of wine”?

Lay Down Rugs for Style & Practicality

Under Cover Porch


sources: Fayette Woman, DigsDigsBetter Homes and Gardens, Homes-Designs

This weekend was also my mom’s semi-annual volunteer day. (I was lucky – my dad came to help too!) We got quite a bit of work done in the front yard. Can’t wait to show you!

What did you do this weekend? Work around the house? Relax? Drink wine?

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  1. Great to get projects done in the yard. The deck definitely looks much better now.

  2. It is weird that I LOVE power washing? It probably is ;). It just makes such a huge difference and the effect is immediate! There are very few home projects where that is the case ;)

  3. I absolutely HATE the slime and yuck we get on our wood stairs and on the patio. You've reminded me... get the silly pressure washer out and clean it... especially since the Oregon rain is starting to stay away more! ;)

  4. You are so badass Katie. xoxo mush

  5. You just have a northwest deck--they ALL look like that at the end of winter. And since it's not the 4th of July yet, it's not officially summer, so it's all good! We bought a power-washer about a month ago, and Cane's been cleaning everything with it. It's almost magical, isn't it?

    Oh, and I like the one with the striped pillows. I prefer casual, for sure!

  6. Oh my gosh that must have been the most satisfying power wash! The closest approximation I have (since our only outdoor space is a tiny balcony) is the tile in my bathroom after I take a Magic Eraser to it. Ahhhhh...

  7. I've just been introduced to the need for powerwashing in Portland - amazing what a difference it makes! Thanks for the deck inspiration, too, I'm trying to get our mini-back deck in shape before the summer is over!

  8. Grimy! Forgive me for asking, but how long had it been since you last cleaned your deck? My uncle has an accident about three years ago that snapped his back. The cause: a very, slimy, slippery, never-has-been cleaned front deck.

    Kylee Groves

  9. Pressure cleaning always makes the job easier! :D I love the fourth pic. It looks so relaxing to me. So, have you set a date to when you’ll start remodeling the deck? Would be very interesting to see how it’ll end up. :D



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