Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Front Yard Updates

Last year I was lucky enough to be the beneficiary of what my mom calls her ‘volunteer work’. No, she’s not really helping a needy cause (just a lazy one), but I’ll take it. She comes over twice a year and helps me fix up the yard.

Last fall we tackled the south side of the front yard. The transformation is seriously amazing, for one day of work.

This summer, we tackled the other side of the front yard. Like a fool, I forgot to take before pics. Of course. But, I do have some pics of the way the yard looked when we bought the house.

Matt and I already completed some pretty big changes to the yard a few years ago when we removed about 9 bushes and extended the lawn. But then we fell off the nice yard bandwagon and have done almost no upkeep. So my mom arrived to a mess.

My mom and I trimmed two large trees and many bushes, pulled a TON of weeds, and spread bark dust everywhere. At lunch time, my dad rode over on his bike to help for the rest of the day, which was awesome. Poor Dad. I don’t think he knows yet that now he’s also permanently signed up for the semi-annual Volunteer in Katie’s Yard Day.

My mom tackled all the weeds, which were taking over the yard.


(Old pic, but the weeds looked like that everywhere.)

Here are the changes we made:

1. This spruce (I think?) was growing to the ground. It had been there and untrimmed for so long that it was growing around two trees, a bush, and four strands of Christmas lights from 1985. Seriously, the tree branches had grown around the lights! We trimmed it up, got rid of the puzzle of lights, and removed the trees and bush growing underneath.

2. Weed, weed, weed. Like I said, my mom weeded the entire yard. She’s a champ.

3. We edged the grass and spread bark dust everywhere.

4. My mom trimmed up some bushes that were growing out of control.

It was a hot, humid, sweaty day but the yard looks so much better now. The transformation isn’t as dramatic because I forgot the before pics (like I said, I’m a fool), but our neighbor said the first thing they noticed when they drove up the street was our bark dust :)

See what a difference it makes?

Yay bark dust!

Here’s a look at the whole yard. As a reminder, this is what the front yard looked like when we moved in.


This is our yard now.

No, we still don’t water our lawn. We don’t have an efficient system in place and I just feel too guilty using water without one.  But without the jungle of bushes and weeds, the other plants (besides the grass) are doing great!

The near-death hydrangea has come back to life, and the other flowers are blooming away.


So now I owe my parents a glass of wine and a nice dinner. They can collect at Volunteer Day this fall :)


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  1. Looks great! How lucky to have parents willing to dig you out! :o)

  2. Amazing what a little (or lot) sweat, hard work, and mulch can do for a yard. Great job. And kudos to your parents too. Did you buy your mulch in bags, or did you go get a truck load?

  3. WOW!! Looks GREAT! Our yard needs help, too! Guess what I found when I weeded the garden (again)? At least FIFTEEN volunteer tomato plants!! We, too, don't water our yard. We need to get an irrigation system!

  4. Looks amazing! I am so impressed with the amount of work you've put into your front yard -- and it's totally paying off. It looks fantastic :). I'm going to send this post to my parents as a not-so-subtle hint. Ahem ;)

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