Friday, June 22, 2012

White (?) IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Last Friday I played hooky a little and ducked out early to head to IKEA with my mom, to check out some curtains. No luck on the curtains, but I did get a few goodies and got to check out the cabinets for our kitchen remodel.

We’re going with IKEA cabinets because they’re economical and will work great for us in our house (Our 1975 ranch does not warrant high-end cabinets). I read online somewhere that some of the IKEA cabinets had a tint of pink in them. I didn’t remember noticing that in the past so I wanted to look again.

Turns out, they do!

(I did not edit this pic in hopes of showing the “true” color. It would probably help if I learned to white balance before taking a photo.)
Of the six white cabinets on display, one has a pinkish tint, one a greenish tint, and the others read as “true white” to me. Can you tell which ones?
Hint: Pink is on the right. Green is fourth from right.
Here’s a look at all of the cabinet swatches. 

We checked out some of the kitchen displays. Installed with counters, sinks, and all the other accessories, the difference in color is much less noticeable, but its there.

Still… many a home has been furnished with white IKEA cabinets and looks fabulous. Can you see the color difference?

Newly Woodwards

ikea-kitchen Houzz


The IKEA lady let me know that you can buy cabinet doors to take home and look at in your home and then return it, so I think we’ll do that. Originally I was going for the Romjo and my second choice was Akurum Adel, but if those look either pink or green at home, we’ll go with Lidingo. (Bonus: Lidingo is cheaper.)

So tell me, am I the last one on earth to notice this difference? Do you have IKEA cabinets? Which ones?
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  1. White is really funny this way. I think using a pinkish white so that it doesn't look pink is all about what colors you put with it. White fridge or stainless steel? White walls or color walls? And what kind of light bulb do you have in your lamp? And do you get morning sun or afternoon sun in the space. Is it a green forest outside? Does the neighbor's pink house reflect pink light into your kitchen already? So many variables!

    So I wouldn't sweat it. Odds are good you can get pinkish white and never even notice because you put the right colors with it to minimize the pink. (Even if your neighbor's house is pink, I think the effects can be undone with the right light bulb or tile color. ;))

  2. We've looked at Ikea cabinets several times and I've never noticed the color difference. But I can certainly see it in your picture. Interesting.
    I desperately want to redo our kitchen - have for the past 10 years - and as much as I'd love a custom kitchen, Ikea is in our financial bracket. I want the shaker style like the ones in your first picture, but if I remember correctly, that style doesn't come in painted white, only the overlay. Maybe that's why it isn't a true white? I'll have to go check them out again.
    I'm anxious to see what you go with.

  3. So interesting! We're using ikea cabinets for our kitchen remodel and I never noticed this! I'm going to have to go back and take a good look before we order them this week. Thanks for the heads up :)

  4. I have never noticed that, I wonder if the tints apply to their other products as well? I love their "white" cabinets, I've been toying with painting our {cherry colored} kitchen cabinets for a few months but with black appliances I'm worried it'll look odd.

  5. Hi, I am in the middle of our Ikea adel off-white kitchen remodel. I have learned that the "whiteness" is very much influenced by the adjacent colors. So it meant totally changing some of my initial decor ideas...including countertop, backsplash, and paint! (Pretty much everything!) Some adjacent colors make them look more yellow and others pop out the white. Definitely suggest having all your elements together to see how they complement each other before going for it. I am sure I will love the final outcome though!

  6. Yes, completely noticed this. Originally was going with the Ramjso but once I got it home it totally read pink and not in a good way. Now thinking to go with Lindigo.

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  8. This is the perfect kitchen!! I love your "EAT" sign! Where did you get it?

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