Sunday, May 27, 2012

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It (Find Me Some New Curtains)

What movie is that from? Mission Impossible? I think so. Charlie’s Angels? I’m not sure. Anyway, I need your help. Your mission: Help me pick out new curtains for my family room.

When we first moved in, I thought deep red would be part of my color scheme, mostly because I found these panels on clearance at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. However, the colors have strayed far from red, and now its grey, yellow, and a little turquoise.

So I desperately need new curtains. Plus, they’re about as fashionable as Urkel’s pants. Even when I was still into the red color, that was my mom’s first reaction: “They look like high-water pants.” Duly noted.

IMG_4752 (Ignore the khaki curtains to the left. I’ll do something about those after the kitchen remodel.)

I can’t decide if I should get stripes, a solid color with a textured fabric, or just plain white. I’ve got a lot of patterns in the room so I am shying away from a wild fabric. The red curtains feel really heavy here, so I’m looking for something lighter (either in color or fabric), but I am open to any ideas! I just don’t have any brilliant ones of my own yet.

What do you guys think? What style curtains should I go with? Any great ideas? 

(Mom – help!)

PS. I can’t wait for all the big Portland garage sales in June. Several neighborhoods have sales with 100 houses! Look at this wooden box I found last year for $2.50. Love it!

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  1. We did the garage sale walk last year and a couple years before - both times in different areas of NE Portland. SO stinkin' fun!!!

    My vote for the curtains is a simple pattern with yellow in it.

    Side note, are you going to the Portland "Blogger Social" on the 6th?

  2. What color are your walls? Maybe you should do something more neutral, almost like a drop cloth kind of color and you could do a stencil on them to being in some more texture. Just a thought :)

  3. Ah I'm so boring when it comes to curtains, just because I know to get a decent pair can run around $60+, even if you're making them yourself. I made myself some dark grey and white ones for my living room over a year ago that have are in a damask pattern, but picked that fabric before I really knew what I wanted to do, and now just want plainer white ones, maybe with some texture in them. So I'm going to say error on the side of caution just because you can always punch up things with fabrics on pillows.

  4. Ha! Someone at the social asked me if I was the one looking for new curtains. I guess I found out who is. Too bad we didn't get to chat on Wednesday; you have such a fun blog! Looking forward to seeing what curtains you eventually land on. Have a great weekend! ~Danielle

  5. Hi, I'm Holly and I'm visiting from Jenn's blog, A Home in the Making. I haven't gotten a chance to browse around much yet to see if you are handy with a sewing machine, but if you are close to an IKEA or can order them online the Ritva drapes would be nice in here. I think the white would brighten up the space even more and you can add some fabric on the leading edge for some detail or an alternative would be to add some ribbon to the leading edge for some color. I actually just got a cotton/linen blend fabric online recently that was under $5/yd - you could always do something like that and sew them yourself or have them made. Good luck and I'll have to check back for an update.


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