Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get Out Of The Dining Room

Look who moved outside today, and got the hell out of my dining room? :)

The coop isn’t quite done yet, so they’ll still need to take over the dining room at night. But now, they are outside chickens in the daytime.

The run is protected from vicious predators.

That’s about as vicious as Diego got. Just checking out his new friends, I like to think. And that is not the run! Just a temporary holding area while we finished putting up the hardware cloth.

They like all the extra room. Maude found and ate an earthworm! I put a tree stump in the run, I thought they’d want to perch on it, but so far they just want to eat the moss.

I plan to finish the coop this weekend, so they can be permanently-outside chickies.

IMG_4799 (They do not like posing for photos.)

Any other newbie chicken people? What is your favorite and least favorite parts about your new pets?

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