Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meet Connie from Salvage Savvy!

Hello Newcomb Home readers! My name is Connie and I'm thrilled to swap blogs with Katie today!! I have a little blog called Salvage Savvy, where I share tips and ideas for making thrifty look fabulous. One of my all-time favorite transformations is this dresser. It turned out wonderfully- but when I purchased it, this thing put the "ug" in ugly!! Check out my Vintage Dresser Makeover post if you want to see just how bad it was, and what I did to turn it into this beauty :)

Now, in "real" life I am a design consultant, so I just love sharing design and decorating tips at Salvage Savvy. Have you ever chosen what you thought was the perfect wall color, only to discover that... it wasn't? Did it go something like this excerpt from a post on Selecting a [Non-Ugly] Paint color:

"We’ve all done it…you get the first coat of paint on the walls and think, “It’ll be better with two coats.” [Deep, deep down you already know that it won’t; nonetheless, pride, denial and hope all converge forcing you to press on]. Once the second coat goes up you think, “It’ll dry to the perfect shade that I chose at the hardware store.” Then, once it dries… it looks worse. You immediately rush over to the paint can thinking, “They mixed this color wrong, I should’ve waited for the old guy who knows what he’s doing- that teenager who helped me looked like he was high.” Finally, you hold your selected paint swatch up against the wall and… it’s a perfect match. D’oh. "

  If that story sounds at all familiar to you [and trust me, it's written from experience!], please check out the post to learn super easy tips on selecting the perfect color for your room!

Lastly, I also love getting organized [even though I never actually feel organized...]. I've discovered that I'm totally visual, so if I want to have any chance of staying organized I have to make it pretty! This is a DIY Organizational Project that has completely changed my life [basically because I don't spend half my day hunting down all that daily life "stuff" now!]

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my little "Salvage Savvy Buffet" today! And I want to thank Katie for her hospitality today, I just love meeting new readers and bloggers!  ((hugs)) Connie!

Thanks so much Connie! Its great to have you here today :) 

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