Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eye Candy: Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Oh man. I need a nap. Matt and I had a busy weekend that included staying out way too late dancing (yes, Matt actually danced!), soccer, a run, and not enough sleeping in :) We spent time catching up with some great friends, and I got to see my fabulous cousin in action as she set up a birthday party for my nephew.


(Like all good parties, the display centered around the food.)

I’ve bragged about my cousin, Hannah, before (remember her cute Easter cookies?), but it was so fun to see all of her ideas come together for Hanzo’s 2nd birthday party. (If you need help with a party, let me know! I can give you her email to hire her :)

My sister-in-law booked a clown for entertainment (clowns totally freak me out, but I’ve learned kiddos love them), so she and Hannah went with a circus theme for the party. All the little details were so clever!




I love how the streamers look like a circus tent and all the food is like stuff you’d buy there! So creative! And the mini milk jars and straws? Love.

Hannah and I set everything up and then blew that popcorn stand* so we didn’t see the clown or many of the kiddos. But my in-laws reported that the party was a great success – everyone loved the food and decor, the kids loved the clown, and the parents enjoyed relaxing while their kids were entertained!

*Or is it popsicle stand? What do you say? This is a perennial argument in the Newcomb household.

How was your weekend? What did you do? Drink too much champagne and then spend all weekend playing sports to make up for it? No? Just me?

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  1. Adorable! Your photography is fantastic! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the inspiration.


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