Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chickens (Why the kitchen remodel is going to take forever, volume I)

So I’ve been trying to write this short little post for the last two hours, but instead I’m just sitting here because He’s Just Not That Into You is on TV.  I know he was so 1997, but Ben Affleck is cuuute. I guess it helps that he plays a really nice guy :)

Anyway, this post is really about chickens. Matt and I have officially bit off more than we can chew (isn’t a kitchen remodel enough?). We adopted chickens. I am a sucker. My cousin teaches 5th grade and they have a lifecycle unit where they hatch eggs and have little baby chicks for their class. I had the misfortune duty of babysitting one night and totally fell in love. Wouldn’t you?

Seriously, adorable. I can’t get enough. Fast forward three weeks later: the class was done with their lesson, and I have three week old chickens in my dining room.

IMG_4619 (Sorry about the color. They sleep under a red heat lamp. I don’t know what to do about that, photographically.)

So while Matt is finishing up the framing plans for our kitchen, I’m trying to convert our shed into a chicken coop. Dude. Its hard. Whoever built that shed thought it would double as a storm shelter should climate change ever bring tornados to Oregon. My arms are really sore. 

Oh, and don’t let me lead you astray, Matt definitely helped a lot. I’d go stand next to the window of our office and whine for him to come outside if I needed a little more muscle. 
 IMG_4623 (Stripey and Violet love my sister.)

Anyway, I’m leaning heavily on Back Yard Chickens, recommended by Anna of Take the Side Street, to make the coop. I can’t find any plans with exact measurements but I have a good idea of things I need to do to make the coop comfy for the chicks (or I’ll beg ask Anna to post more details). They have to be inside under the heat lamp now, but can go outside in a month or two. So I have a deadline, which is good.

I’ll keep you posted on everything. I must ask for your patience though. Between the kitchen and the chickens, I’m exhausted.  I’m just trying to keep the laundry clean and the cats and chickens (and Matt) still alive and well, so I may not post more than once or twice a week. But I still love you all, thank you so much for reading!

What did you do this weekend? Did you have fantastic weather like Portland?

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  1. You are brave to take on those chicks, well now chickens. My daughter is in 3rd grade and they do a program called "Chick it out" with our local 4H. She is loving it and looks forward to the process. Good luck on the coop and the kitchen, you are busy for sure.

  2. Adorable!! That is so awesome that you have chickens!!!!!!

  3. I hope the kitties don't get jealous!

  4. Okay, completely jealous of your new babies. A new kitchen AND chickens?! Green with envy.
    The weather this weekend in Portland was AWESOME!!! I got to play in the dirt both days. :o)

  5. My students keep asking where the chickens are. Ha. Hope you're loving them. I'll come visit.


  6. You're so brave! (I'm terrified of birds) I love eggs, but just don't have the nerve to raise chickens. That plus we can't have them in our area.

    I'm glad the weather held out for you.


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