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Kitchen Pendant Lights (how to find a deal)

We’re still making some decisions about contractors for the kitchen. Matt has started digging a hole for the foundation but until we make the financial decision of who to go with (and how much to do ourselves), I’ve been looking online to get all of our design elements together. 

We’ve decided to go with a downdraft for the island cooktop, so I get to pick out some funky pendant lights for over the island. The rest of the room will be can lights, and we’ll hopefully have some under cabinet lighting, so the pendants over the island are where I can really go wild if I want.

Lighting is such a fun and important item in the kitchen. Of course, first and foremost is the function. Lighting can really make or break a kitchen. Lighting that’s too bright or doesn’t provide enough light (or light in the right places) can make it hard to work in the kitchen. Centsational Girl does a great job describing her approach to lighting function here and Better Homes and Gardens talks about how to best light your kitchen here.

Pendant lights are fairly easy to change out (as long as they’re cheap) so its ok to take some risks, I think! Its also a good place to balance out the room. If your room is more industrial with lots of metal and stone finishes, a pendant with softer materials (like a linen drum shade) would work well.

For me, I know we’re picking pretty neutral colors and design elements for the floor, counter, and backsplash, so I want something funky and fun for the lights. Maybe some color or fun metal accents.

Screen Captures
sources (clockwise from left): Shades of Light, Amazon.comRestoration Hardware,

Once I started searching, I noticed a huge discrepancy in price. And the products look pretty similar.

Check these out.

sources: Shades of Light; Destination Lighting

sources: Restoration Hardware; 

Here are my three tips for finding a good price for the type of pendant you’re looking for:

1. Shop around! Look in stores and on the internet, and in places you may not expect to have good lighting options. I found some fantastic ones on

2. When doing searches, use the same key words used in the descriptions of the super spendy ones. You may find a look-a-like for much cheaper!

3. Decide where you’ll compromise (and when to splurge). Figure out what is most important to you (shape, materials, size) and be willing to compromise (just a little!) on another part. It could save you 500 bones! That being said, sometimes, one just falls absoluely in love with decor and has to have it :)

4. (Bonus!) Check out these
ebay and craigslist tips from View Along the Way. One word: Craiggers.
Do you have a favorite store for lighting? Any tips I missed on finding deals?

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  1. I have a local contractor that I can HIGHLY recommend. He did work on our remodel and is my "go to" guy. Let me know via email if you'd like his name/number.

  2. P.S. I like the top left and the bottom one to the right of it. ;)

  3. Awesome kitchen lighting tips! (And thanks for the link!) :) I love the super-industrial fixtures, and your comparison of the similar fixtures with totally different price points is so interesting. This is why shopping around is so important! Great post!

  4. lighting of the kitchen is important task.these tips are really important while doing the placing of Kitchen Pendants.nice post!


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