Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here Comes the Sun (and a New Spring Wreath)

Ahh, the sun! This weekend was delightful in Portland. On Sunday, it was so warm I opened my windows! And we Matt worked outside in the yard.

My BFF and I (you know,
the one who married us) came out of hibernation for a little spring craft. A post we saw on Restored Style reminded me of a project I featured last year, but never completed: a monogram wreath.


Last year I made a sunny lemon wreath for the front door. This year, we went with more of a natural, subtle look with the moss. Alyssa and I create two different versions. She went with the mossy A for her front door.

I made a mossy wreath and combined it with another craft blog trend, a bookpage-covered monogram.


Side note: Matt looked at the wreath when he came home and said, “When are you going to paint the N?”  I guess he doesn’t appreciate the bookpage look :)

You can find directions for the mossy monogram and wreath here. The bookpage monogram was pretty easy. I just took some pages out of an old French dictionary and used mod podge to stick them to a papier mache letter from JoAnns.

Side note #2: I got a smart phone! YAY! I am so excited to play scrabble (I think now in the 21st century they call it Words With Friends), keep up with twitter, and most of all, download coupons to places like JoAnns. And Home Depot. And Target! Oh no.

I love both versions. One things I’m excited about for my mossy wreath is that I can play it up for different spring holidays. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do, but I got some dollar store trinkets for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. I figure it’ll be pretty easy to temporarily stick things to the moss. 

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll incorporate the Easter eggs, but they’re so cute, I’ll figure it out. Plus, they were only a buck!

Also, because I never tire of talking about my cats, here’s a bonus pic of Diego ruining the photoshoot as the sun was going down. (I’m sorry, but its still amazing. He opens the door!)

Are you itching for spring yet? What is your favorite decor switcheroo for the new Spring season?


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  1. So very cute! I love the sunshine this wknd as well:)!

  2. This is adorable! I love that you paired it with a paper N. Super cute!

  3. I really like it! And I'm in pretty dire need of a door wreath for this time of the year. Hmmmm... perhaps I could do this!

  4. Hi Katie! Looks like you and I were busy making very similar wreaths this past weekend! Your new follower:)

  5. You are so creative! I have no time to be creative; hope to "soon".

  6. Super cute...Love that it can be interchangeable with the seasons! Can you believe I do not have a book page monogram or a mossy wreath!

  7. I LOVE the new blog look...so glad you're signed up on the linky tool. Happy to be following you.

    And your Monogram wreath is too cute!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  8. I'm a sucker for wreaths and monograms-love this times 2!! Following from TDC-stop by for a visit!


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