Friday, February 10, 2012

On an Island in the Sun (kitchen inspiration)

Hi friends! Matt and I are counting down to a vacation, so stoked :) We’re headed South! We’re going to Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana, I’ve never been to any of those states so I’m pretty excited!

Anyway, we’ve been trying to wrap up gathering contractor bids for the kitchen before we go, so we can make a decision and get going once we’re home.

Oh! But before I forget… since we’re going to be gone for a while, I’m looking for guest bloggers! Are you interested? Please send me an email, I’d love to highlight some other blogs. (katiednewcomb at gmail dot com)

The contractors meeting have been going really well. I’ll write up a post about the whole experience once we’ve met everyone but its much less nerve-wracking than I expected :)

Anyway, one contractor asked me about the kitchen island features which got me thinking. There are so many possibilities!

Here are some questions I’ve been contemplating this week (and asking Matt his opinion… sorta :)

Our cooktop will be in the island. But do we have a fancy hood over the island, or an invisible down draft?


found here via Pinterest

found here on Pinterest

Should we have a bar for seating or just tons of storage?


found here via Pinterest


found here via Pinterest

Or both?

found here via Pinterest

If we go with seating, should the island be two levels or just one?


found here via Pinterest

found here via Pinterest

I’d really like a shelf for cookbooks on the end of the island. But there are even several options for that!

found here via Pinterest

found here via Pinterest

The possibilities are endless! Its so overwhelming. And FUN!

And if we can’t decide, the fall back plan is a Lego island.

Lego kitchen island
found here via Pinterest

How seriously cool!


Do you have a kitchen island? What is your favorite feature?

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  1. I love all your inspiration pics! That lego island is so cool!! Have fun on vacation!


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