Friday, February 3, 2012

Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge (New Kitchen Part 2)

So I’m more than fashionably late to the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge, but I wanted to participate and share an update with you guys.

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Right after my last post about kitchen planning, I got busy searching for price estimates and researching contractors in Portland. Nothing like a little challenge to light a fire under my bum. I’ve also been playing phone tag with someone in the Building Services Dept of our county… I’ve determined that I’m going to be very needy to the kind-sounding woman that called me back, once I get a hold of her :)

So that anti-climatic, underwhelming summary is pretty much where we are in the kitchen addition project :) But here are some fun details for you…

As a little reminder, this is what our current kitchen looks like (on a good, but rare, clean day).

(Now do you see why we need want a new one?)

Here’s me hugging our awesome new fridge that lives in the living room, at least until the remodel is complete.


(Doesn’t Matt make a good Vanna White?)

We have already scored an awesome deal – a GE Profile stainless steel convection microwave and oven.


And I’ve used to draw out our plans.


I called three local contractors that were rated highly on Yelp (one is a husband/wife team, I have high hopes for them). I left two messages and one person is coming by tomorrow to look at the house.

So while there is still a very large question mark in the overall budget, I’m making progress!

Here is what I did find out about some of the materials we’ll need to purchase (sources for cost estimates in parentheses):

Flooring: $1,500 - $2,200 (Lumber Liquidators)
Cabinets: $3,920 (IKEA Kitchen Planner)
Countertops: $3,300 - $5,000 (Home Depot)
Fridge: $1,100 (Home Depot – already purchased)
Oven/Microwave: $565 (ReStore – already purchased)
Cooktop: $500 (estimate from several sources)
Dishwasher: $300 (estimate from several sources)

TOTAL SO FAR: $11,185 - $13,585

The big question marks are still:
Contract to build foundation and exterior walls 
Building materials and windows
Extending a gas line to new cooktop
Hiring an electrician
Cost of permits and inspections (though I think this will be between $500 - $1000)

Based on our goal cost of $25,200, we have between $11,615 and $14,015 to cover all those question marks, plus all the other little (and not so little) things I didn’t list, like a range hood, sink, paint, trim, etc. Eeek, seems like a low estimate to me :) Crossing my fingers!

I’m excited to talk with the contractors and start finalizing our plans.

In the mean time, I’ve been patrolling many blogs for advice from other first-time remodelers. Here are some great articles:

1. Tips on Paying Contractors from Design is… All in the Details

2. Gather Kitchen Inspiration from Houzz

3. Retail Haggling (for appliances) from 5 Days 5 Ways
4. My interview with Anne from Hello Newman’s about her favorite kitchen features, storage ideas, and how to remodel on a budget

So while I didn’t take any giant leaps toward our kitchen remodel, I feel pretty good. I took some necessary baby steps in order to begin the process.

I can’t wait to share our first experience with contractors with you! Looking forward to meeting them (and I’m nervous!). Otherwise, this weekend will be spent fighting a cold, playing soccer, and watching the Super Bowl.

What are your weekend plans? Any advice for us on our initial meet with the contractor?


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  1. This is great Katie! You're making progress, I look forward to hearing how the meeting with the contractor goes.

    I too have been known to hug an appliance your two and yes, Matt, has just the right leg movements to be the next Vanna!! ;)

    Have you seen the new linky follower tool? It'd be cool if you wanted to come by and sign up to follow and if you get it set up be sure to let me know so I can follow you on it back!!

  2. Great and beautiful appliances are worth hugging. ;-)

    I love your new plan, it'll be such an improvement. I am following you now, because I have to see how this turns out!!

  3. You are smart to be so organized and have your budget set. I went through a whole house remodel and miraculously stayed within budget! I can see you and the hubs really really love that fridge!! Excited to see more -- thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities Challenge.


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