Monday, January 16, 2012

Organizing Tips for Every Room in the House {Features}

The beginning of the new year (plus a few days off work to stare at my house) gets me itching to organize. Seriously, sometimes I feel like a mini hoarder. Our house is clean and I only have two cats, but I keep a lot of random stuff. Matt says I turn each area into an “everything drawer” or an “everything closet”. I don’t want our house to turn into an “everything house”, so I’ve gotta organize.  

Turns out I’m not the only one! These three bloggers are hosting series focused on organizing. Each one is full of a whole bunch of great ideas. Check them out!

Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons has a
21 Days to Get Organized Challenge. I love it because she focuses on one room at a time, which is how I have to do things. I’m starting in the laundry room. Doesn’t Toni’s look great?

Kelly at Imperfect Homemaking hosts a series called
31 Days to an Organized Home.  Check out her practical tips to organize a master closet.

Becky at Organizing Made Fun’s series is
31 Days to Cheaply Organize Your Home. Her approach is a little different. She talks about different (often free!) items that can help you organize on a budget. How cute are these paint cans above the desk?

Have you been trying to organize and declutter? Where do you start? What is your best tip?
PS. Last October I also rounded up some great storage tips, check them out

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  1. My house is a mess, there are piles of crap everywhere so I need to get organized....thanks for the tips going to check them all out.
    Have a great week

  2. I'd be happy just to purge almost everytihng. The clutter is killing me.

    I'm hoping to work on my craft supplies this month, but so far, I've been lazy. I'm off to check out these links and hopefully be inspired. ;)

  3. My house is a mess too! The problem is there is nowhere to put things away! And cute baskets can get pricey!

    Visiting from


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