Monday, January 30, 2012

Livin’ on the Edge

If I were a smart, SEO savvy blogger I’d call this post, “How to Edge Tile”. But alas, its way more fun to use slightly relevant song lyrics as the post title instead.

Plus, I just watched the series finale of one of my favorite shows. I’m feeling so bummed its over, so dramatically singing random song lyrics just feels more appropriate right now.

What show you ask? Chuck. Its an awesome, nerdy, spy-comedy that’s really just a romance story and I love it. The characters are hilarious, loveable and watching it feels like sitting down with your best friend. Seriously. I’m unnaturally sad that its over. Oh Chuck, why did you have to go so soon?

Anyway, in between having too many microbrews, gossiping with my sister, and watching Chuck, I actually did something productive this weekend.

I edged the tile in our guest bathroom shower! We slowly remodeled the guest bath over the last year and we’re 90% finished. Feels so good to check one more little detail off the list.

In an attempt to be frugal, I bought tile for the shower from the ReStore for 50 cents a square foot. A great deal, really. I love the tile, but there were no edge pieces. I was lucky to find 50 square feet of the stuff!

I priced out buying trim tiles but it was just too much money. Luckily, the tile guru at Home Depot taught me a trick to edge tile when you don’t have any of those trim pieces. It looks great.

Its easy, and much less expensive than purchasing trim tile.

How to Edge Tile (Using Tile Caulk)

You’ll need:
Painters tape (I always prefer Frog Tape. I get much cleaner lines than other brands)
Measuring tape
Grout tile caulk (I got sanded – grab whichever will match the grout you already used)
razor blade


First, use the razor blade to clean up the edge of your tile. I had to get rid of some extra caulk where the tile meets the tub paint on the edge of the tile.


Then, figure out how far out of the wall you’d like the tile caulk edge to go. I wanted a nice 45 degree angle so I measured the depth of the tile (1/8 inch) and went the same distance out on the wall.

Tape off this section, and tape the tile side too (so you don’t get tile caulk everywhere!).


Once the tape is in place, you can apply the tile caulk (it looks just like grout!). I went about a third of the way down and then used my finger to gently smooth out the line and get rid of the excess. I did this process by section until the entire edge was covered.

Once the whole edge is covered, use your finger to smooth the whole thing, getting rid of any excess tile caulk on the tape on the wall. This will make a smooth line without looking like there is a thick build up on the edge. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of this step. Basically, just make sure there isn’t a ton of extra tile caulk on the tape.

Then (carefully) yank the tape off the wall while the tile caulk is still wet.

Extreme close up!

For me, I was done on one side, it looked great. On the other side, it needed a once over with my finger to get everything smooth. Just be careful. Its like a manicure. If you touch the wet nail polish one too many times you’ll ruin everything :)

Here’s one more look at the before and after.


Its a small detail that makes the shower look so much better.

What did you do this weekend? Complete any tasks you’ve been avoiding?

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  1. This looks great! I'm super impressed with the finished look. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks awesome! Great tutorial! :)
    Thank you so much for sharing this! (Love the title too!)

  3. Wow! What an amazing difference. Looks polished and, well, finished. That reminds me I need to do this to my tub. I'll look for grout caulk, thanks for the tip!

  4. That is an awesome trick!! It looks fantastic!

  5. Oh my gosh--I am so glad you left us a comment. We were talking about how to do the edges just last night--and this looks great and so much easier than the things we've been talking about. So glad to have found your blog!

  6. awesome! THANK YOU for posting this. we are getting ready to put up new backsplash in our kitchen and I was looking for ideas. How FUN that my search let me to you. hahahah! LOVE IT! :)

  7. Thanks, I need to do this in our kitchen! (tile installed by previous owners). Pinning! :)

  8. I think you mean caulk not grout. :) but it looks FAB!

  9. Our bathroom totally needs this! So glad I found you at House of Hepworths today!

  10. inner wall tiles great blog and nice pics.Wow What a lovely and very feminine this bathroom is. I am absolutely LOVING this!

  11. Our bathroom totally needs this! So glad I found you at House of Hepworths today!

  12. You did a great job. I really impressed by your work.
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