Friday, January 20, 2012

A Little R&R (&R) in Puerto Vallarta

That third R is for delicious rum drinks we had all. day. long. Oh, the beauty of an all-inclusive resort! The place served these drinks called Banana Mamas, with rum and other goodness (and real bananas so I pretended they were healthy). Delish!

Anyway, I’m a little behind on house projects, and I’m partly blaming the vaca (yes, I know we got back two weeks ago). While I’m spending the weekend working on some updates to share with you guys, I wanted to show you a few pics of a place we’d probably all rather be this weekend :)

Disclaimer: A lot of the more beautiful photos were taken by my travel buddy/sister-in-law Amy. Amy’s super creative. I’m working on convincing her to blog about some of her crafty projects here. Cross your fingers!

We took a day trip to an area called Las Caletas. Lots to do there including snorkeling, kayaking, and torturing the animals. (Not really, don’t worry – I say that because my child husband stuck his finger in the monkey’s cage and it bit him. Hard. Amy and I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.)


Don’t worry, I do realize I’m exposing my nerdiness in that deflated life vest.

mexicoforblog-1 On the way back to our resort we saw some humpback whales snacking on a tornado of anchovies. Amazing!

mexicoforblog-2 DSCN1962 IMG_3741

We enjoyed seeing a little of the town,  a gorgeous church, and beautiful sunsets.


But we spent most of the time relaxing by the beach and playing in the waves (I didn’t quite have the technique down).

We ended the vacation by ringing in the new year together, at our resort. What a great way to end the holiday season. Counting my lucky stars now :)

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  1. That looks like an AMAZING vacation! I would be having trouble getting back to reality too! :)

  2. Katie, continue to build me up a little bit more and I'll blog for you :)


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