Monday, January 23, 2012

Down the Tube (Master Bedroom Update)

(Or rather, Down with the Tube. The old tube TV, that is.)

Our  master bedroom was one of the first places we updated (you can see the before pics
here). I guess since we wake up there every morning I wanted it to feel calm and cozy. We painted, got new carpet and bedding, and installed a new light fixture.

One thing we didn’t touch was the dresser. We got an IKEA Hemnes dresser, plopped our old TV on it and that was that. Problem was, we never watched TV in there (not for lack of TV addiction; we didn’t have a cable box in the bedroom).

The big old tube TV has been bugging me for a while, but I wasn’t really motivated to move it out of the room because I didn’t have any fun decor items for the dresser. Well this Christmas, Amy gave me a great print that got my butt in gear
(Amy is my SIL I’m trying to convince to blog a little… sorry Amy :)

Amy gave us that cool monogram print on the left. Here’s a close up.

Gah! So hard to take pics of things in shiny frames :)

Anyway, I love it. Not only does it have our monogram and remind Matt what day we got married, but its made of tons of little photos from our vacations and wedding. So thoughtful!

Amy made this print using a website called
EasyMoza. Its a website where you can upload a bunch of your own photos and design a mosaic print. How cool! Plus, they say things like “programme” so I think its a European website, which makes me feel very chic.

(Obviously, EasyMoza doesn’t know I’m giving them a shout out. I just love the print and wanted to share the great resource. EasyMoza if you’re out there, email me ;)
The other big print is a photo taken by a local photographer named Squid Vicious (what a cool name!). The photo was auctioned off at a benefit event for Outdoor School and I won the silent auction. The photo is of Mount St. Helens and is so bright and cheerful!

Side note: At the Outdoor School benefit event the MC was a local weather man. I got to meet him. I felt like I was talking to a celebrity! Closest I’ll probably ever get to the Kardashians. Plus, he made a nerdy joke about cloud formations. Could it get any better?
(Yes. Yes, it could. I could have met Leonardo DiCaprio.)

The final photo is a pic of Matt and me from our friends’ wedding. The bride was generous enough to frame the pic as a gift and its a miracle – we both look normal!

All the other items are things I already owned. The jewelry box was a gift from Matt last year, the silver tray is from my grandma, and the candle is a hand-me-down from my mom. I’m telling you, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. I love hand-me-downs! 

I love that each item on the dresser represents something near and dear to my heart and thanks to the generosity of my friends, the update was free! (Well, I’m not counting the silent auction purchase, after all, it was a donation.)

And of course, I can’t get through any blog photos without a Diego photobomb. I didn’t even see him until I uploaded the photos onto the computer.

Overall, I think its a great improvement. Now, instead of having a place to throw sweatshirts an old TV, we have a fun display.

(Definitely progress but I JUST noticed everything is not centered on the desk. Too tired to take more pics. But, you get the idea :)
What’s your favorite, inexpensive way to update tabletop/bookshelf/dresser decor?

PS. I made some progress on my “Impossible” today. I sent in a ‘pre-application’ for permits for the kitchen addition. You have to fill out a pre-app just to get an appointment in the permit office. I first mentioned the “Imagine the Impossibilities” Challenge I joined here. You can read about the Challenge from the host blog, The Space Between, here.

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  1. What a simple little fix-up. The items on your dresser must give you joy everyday - unlike the ugly old boob tube!!

  2. So pretty! What a great gift, I'm going to have to remember that!

  3. It looks really nice! I love the mosaic of photos with your monogram - that is too cool!

  4. Everything looks so nice. Isn't it great to change things up a little for a whole new look.

  5. It looks great! Did you make the lampshade? It's super cute! As is the photo of you two :).

    Ps. I love squid. His photos are amazing! I actually pop over to the 94.7 website sometimes just to check out his latest.

  6. I really love this! Thank you for sharing.

  7. That lamp is adorable! I also noticed your bedding. I think my sister has the same set (or one very similar). I love the colors!
    One of the easy ways I update shelving, etc... is by changing out the photos. I also have a few "seasonal" items I put out for certain times, like winter, spring, whatever.

  8. I'm so glad you like the photo. I did too. One of the many benefits of having a small wedding was that the photographer got a ton of photos of my friends and family enjoying themselves. That was one of the best!

  9. I love! this .. great job ... thanks for sach a great bed sale UK


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