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Can I please have a wine rack? (New Kitchen Part 1)

As I’m mentioned a million times, this year Matt and I are going to remodel our kitchen.


When I picture the new room completely finished, I’m SO EXCITED. But when I think of all the steps to get there, I’m just overwhelmed. Palms sweaty, high blood pressure, eyes bugging out overwhelmed. 

We’ve taken the most important step of saving money. But what is next?

So far, what’s next for us has been arguing over if we should hire a professional to lay the foundation and change the footprint of our house, or DIY.

I’m pretty sure Matt believes that, if he wants to do something, the knowledge is magically placed in his brain. Just this morning he told me, “Katie, I know how to lay a foundation.” He’s living on another planet :) 

But I’m not here to tell you how to win arguments in your marriage (but if you have a secret please tell me!). Today I want to share with you our ‘getting started’ ideas. I’m hoping if I write everything down, it’ll inspire me to take ACTION.

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We’re trying to start with the most important (and boring) part of the remodel.

The budget.

But really, draining our savings for a new kitchen is a huge deal. We don’t want to spend so much money we’ll never get it back when we sell the house. But we also don’t want to skimp on important things just to save a buck or two.

We’re not entirely done budgeting, but for us there are two steps. Figure out

How much we’re able to spend; and
What can we get for that amount of money.

Not only are we remodeling/upgrading the room, but we’re adding onto the house. We didn’t really even know where to start, so we took this great advice from my Dad:

Figure out how much we paid for the house, per square foot*. Then calculate the amount of square footage we’ll be adding on, and multiple it by the cost per square foot.

We paid $175 per square foot.
We’re adding on about 144 square feet.
$175 x 144 = $25,200**.

* This may not work if you purchased your house in 1968. Try to find a per square foot price for a similar house in your neighborhood.
** This does not of course include the value of improvements such as upgraded appliances but its a great place to start.

So, is $25,200 even possible for an addition/kitchen remodel?

kitchen layout

Who knows?! This is where the second question comes in: what can we get for that amount of money?

We haven’t entirely answered that question. Like I said, I still haven’t convinced Matt that he’s not a licensed contractor, he works full time, and wouldn’t even know where to start with the foundation. In his mind he is Holmes on Homes.

To get a rough estimate, we started with a list of the big ticket items:

- Foundation + New Frame of the House 
- Cabinets
- Counter tops
- Flooring
- Appliances (already purchased a fridge and oven/microwave. Still need dishwasher
  and cook top)
- Building materials / windows
- Possibly extending a new gas line to the cooktop
- What’s missing??

Now do you see why I’m so nervous???

That’s a LOT to think about. Usually this is where I start panicking, Kermit style.
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Of course there will be other expenses, like knobs, plumbing materials, lighting, etc. And all the wine to fill my new wine rack. But we’re just trying to get a rough estimate to see if we need to go back to the drawing board. What if all this adds up to $50k? Then we’ll have to rethink our whole plan (and cry a little bit). 

But I’m determined to get past the panic, finish making our budget, and muster up the courage to call some contractors for quotes.

Since I’m not done pricing everything out,

I’m going to leave you in suspense :)

In the next couple weeks, Ill share our specific costs for materials and if how I mustered up enough courage to call contractors to get quotes for the foundation.

Oh! I almost forgot! I’m joining the fun over at The Space Between for the “Imagine the Impossibilities” Challenge. Some great bloggers are hosting the challenge, where we can all tackle our most daunting project and support each other along the way.

Obviously, by the end of January, we’ll have barely started. But that’s my most daunting project: to start the kitchen. When I was training for a marathon I just kept repeating my favorite quote:

”The miracle is not that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start” (John Bingham). That’s how I feel about this project, too!

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  1. Doooood! Ask Nutt for some help!!!

  2. What a (giant) fun (scary) exciting project :) You're right, starting IS always the hardest part... can't wait to see the progress :) Super jealous, I want to redo my kitchen SO much - so I will satisfy myself by living vicariously through you. ;)

  3. cinuck@hotmail.comJanuary 15, 2012 at 3:12 PM

    please consider re-using things like check out "re-store" were u can purchase stuff left over from habitat for humanity" projects, for crazy low prices!! there's lots of places to score well loved cabinets, flooring, etc that is reporposing supply's, even paint, hardware! good luck! cindy

  4. WoW Katie! I LOVE your attention to detail. What an amazing project you are starting on. So many details to get straight in your head before you feel like you've even gotten started! I am so glad you will be sharing it with us along the way! So fun to see our button in the post, so great to have you as part of the challenge!

  5. That's one ambitious project but I can't wait to see the finished kitchen! Thanks for joining our challenge and posting our button.

    We did a whole house reno and created a budget and got quotes before we began. Miraculously, we stayed in budget.

    Can't wait to see your updates and progress. Following along!

  6. My recommendation is to add on an additional 20% for all those unexpected expenses ... for me, it was do we need to tear down the garage and rebuild that ... or dig the foundation by hand! And a tiny Bobcat!

    And so glad you're in on our "Impossibilities" challenge. So exciting ...


  7. Wow! You are an inspiration to all those who never even start! Thank you so much for joining the challenge and I can't wait to see the progress at the end of the month!

  8. This is a really interesting way to go about this, I'm really intrigued. We've redone three kitchens (two of our own and one for a rental). We've never added square footage, but for everything else, we have been able to stay under $7,000 for everything from cabinets to lighting to drywall and finishing to hardware. For the rental, we were under $1,000. I think you can make anything work if you have to.

  9. And, PS - I'm super excited to watch this process. Love kitchen remodels.

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