Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Make a Snowflake Wreath

Last weekend I completed my first Christmas craft – a snowflake wreath for the entry way. Like most of my crafts lately, I avoid thinking for myself by spending time on Pinterest first :)

I was inspired by this wreath.


from via pinterest

Of course, like most things on pinterest, mine ended up looking different. But I still love it!

It actually was pretty easy to make. I just poured myself some wine, turned on the Christmas tunes, and started hot gluing away. Here are some instructions (though it really is pretty easy! I only got hot glue on the carpet once :)

How to Make a Snowflake Wreath 

You’ll need:
flat wreath form
white spray paint
hot glue and glue gun
snowflake ornaments (I got mine at the dollar store. I used 4 10 packs)
(All the necessities) 

1. The night before you want to make the wreath, spray paint your wreath form white. This will make it less noticable if any wood shows through.

2. Remove the hooks from your ornaments, if needed, then glue the ornaments to the wreath form. I put a little hot glue in the center of the ornament, and overlapped each ornament to fill in most gaps.

Also I should note that since these ornaments were 10 cents each at the Dollar Store, they broke easily. Its okay to use the broken ones. Just hide the broken side underneath the next ornament.

3. Once you cover the whole wreath form, your wreath will look like this.
I wanted to see the entire snowflake, so I glued a few more ornaments on top.

That’s it for the wreath!

I planned to hang it on a mirror in my entry way. I always wondered how people did this without putting an extra hole in the wall. I folded the ribbon over the top of the mirror and used painters tape on the back to hold it in place. Its working pretty well - the wreath is still in place!

I love the touch of winter in the entry way! 
I’m thinking this can last past Christmas into January and February. (Once I finish decorating the table in there, I’ll show you the whole room :)  


Have you started (or finished!) decorating for the Holidays?

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  1. Looks great. I love snwoflakes. You can keep this up through January too. Perfect for winter. Now we just need some real snow to go with it.

  2. Love this Katie! Might have to copy you!

  3. You should start a wreath shop, you're a pro! This is awesome. I was eye-balling some snow-flakes at Target the other day and also coveting a fun holiday wreath, you may have solved the problem (only I get to do it without wine... sad face.)

  4. Really beautiful, good job!

  5. Love it and I appreciate the details instructions!
    Gayle from Behind the Gate

  6. Beautiful will copy it.

  7. Guess I'd better get to the $$$$ store!! Need a "challenge" snowflake for our next card making get together and this would fill the bill. Thanks for your idea - you'll get all the credit as I, too, need ideas and can't always think for myself

  8. I love this wreath because I really like snowflakes. I will buy the snowflakes next year and make this for winter (after Christmas).

  9. I love this wreath because I really like snowflakes. I will buy the snowflakes next year and make this for winter (after Christmas).

  10. Where did you get your flat wreath form?


  12. Thanks for Sharing, it was Beautiful.

  13. Thanks for Sharing, it was Beautiful.

  14. Think it is very beautiful and very smart. I love to take someones idea and change it to make it more my own. I love to go to the dollar store and use there supplies. You have not invested a lot of money but have something very cute. My daughter moved in an apartment in the last year and enjoy making wreaths for her. One of her friends commented on a wreath I made she said my mom did it she does all my wreaths. I like to check out the goodwills and buy grapevine wreaths or the green christmas ones (you can get ones for usually less than $5). I bring home and deconstruct just to get to the wreath and redo to suit my needs. After one season of use sometimes I just add aditional or change some of the flowers or ribbons to make it look like a new one for minimal cost.

  15. The best (and cutest!) wreath instructions EVER. I loved the "plant that needs a pot" - made me giggle. Thanks for the smiles and for the excellent winter crafting idea :)


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