Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bathroom Vanity (almost) Complete

90%. We’re almost there. That’s right, the world’s longest bathroom remodel is 90% complete!

A couple weeks ago I showed you a sneak peak of our new bathroom counter. We hadn’t hung the mirror, caulked the granite or anything so I wanted to wait to show you our new, working vanity!


Well… I still haven’t caulked the granite. But the sink and mirror are in. Since we’ve already replaced the floor, installed the toilet, and remodeled the shower, we’re almost there! We still have quite a bit of finishing work to do, but now our guests can use the bathroom for all things its supposed to be used for :)

But let me back up a bit. The counter. A long while back (when I was less realistic about our laziness), I asked for our readers help in picking a pattern for the tile counter.

I had purchased some cheap granite pieces that I had planned to make into tiles for the counter. The tiles were only $30 and fit with my low budget goal, but we just couldn’t decide how to design the counter. Nothing was really working for me us.

Like the agreeable husband that he is (I’m a lucky girl!), Matt jumped on board with the plan to totally blow our budget and buy a slab of granite for the countertop.


We bought a remnant piece from an overstock yard (is that what they’re called?) so as far as granite goes, it was still pretty inexpensive. And I love it!


I’ll be honest, I had a few freak outs. Like, mumbling nonsense words, dramatically throwing my head in my hands, threatening to try and return the slab freak outs. Yes I know. Its just a countertop. So maybe I needed a little perspective at that moment? :)

The whole thing (granite, backsplash, and sink) was $270 and that is a lllooott of money for us. The sink hole is slightly off center and I was worried the warm gold-colored flecks in the granite wouldn’t go well with the black tiles in the shower and grey tile on the floor.

But, the gold flecks are really subtle and even my OCD mom said the off-center sink is ok. It allows us to actually keep something on the right side of the small counter.

I’ll be back later this week with a tutorial and some tips for installing a granite counter and undermount sink, and a final budget for the bathroom remodel. But for now, I wanted to show you this before and after. Its like the bathroom can breath now! No more crazy colors :)

As you can see from the caulk and TP in the ‘progress pic’, its not staged :)


I’m sure you noticed, the 10% we have left to do is all the finishing work. Touching up paint, installing trim, caulking the countertop, and a few other touch ups here and there. I’m worried about my motivation level to finish up now that the whole bathroom actually works, so I haven’t let myself accessorize yet :)

I’ve been saving a Macy’s gift card to get a new shower curtain and I have some candles that’ll go perfectly in there… those will be my reward for getting the bathroom 100% done.

Do you procrastinate on the last little details? What is your motivation to completely finish big projects?

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  1. I LOVE the black counter with the white vanity. Good work! :)

  2. wow, what an improvement. Looks great!

  3. A huge improvement!! I love the color combo too...with the dark granite and white. Very nice!! Good work guys

  4. LOVE IT! Really nice job! Regarding procrastination... keep an eye out for my upcoming post. ;)

    Stef at

  5. Whoa! Great change! Looking forward to seeing the reveal! :)

  6. I have to be honest with you: your bathroom looked very much untidy and cluttered before. The time you spent renovating the place was definitely worth it. Now it looks as splendid as it should be!

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