Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clever Storage Solutions {Pinterest Tips Round Two}

Last month I share a few household tips to make those nagging chores a little easier. Of course, I got the ideas from Pinterest :)

Well, I’ve spotted some more great idea that I’m excited to share with you guys. This time, its all about clever storage ideas.

Our house is plenty big enough, but our storage options pretty limited. Our kitchen is small and the master bath has a pedestal sink. No storage space at all! These storage solutions would help us organize a lot.

The first idea is something I need to do right away. This rack would help organize our pots and pans shelf so much!

store-pots-and-pansfound here on pinterest

And this measuring cup/spoon rack would make it so easy to find what I need!

Pinned Image
found here on pinterest

Here’s two ideas that would help organize our small bathroom so much. Clever storage solutions go a long way in a bathroom that’s only about 5’ x 5’ :)

found here via pinterest

Pinned Image
found here via pinterest (how cute!)

And finally, look at this idea that would help all of us hoarders thrifters store our finds until we’re ready to use or repurpose them. Our garage would be so clean if everything was kept on the ceiling instead of the floor.

Pinned Image
found here via pinterest

Hopefully my urge to purge (sorry, couldn’t resist) will continue this weekend and we’ll do a little organizing and take some trips to Goodwill. To donate. I’ll try really hard not to buy anything!

What are you up to this weekend? Organizing? Halloween-ing? Watching football?
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  1. I am embarrassingly obsessed with Pinterest. Sooo many good ideas!

    I love the easy idea for measuring cups and spoons. Mine are always tossed around in a drawer or two, and I can never find the ones I need!


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