Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Entry Way Display

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Our was great. As usual it went by too fast, but Matt and I went for a run in Forest Park (It was sunny. In Portland. In October!), watched the Beavs win with family and friends, and I canned a whole bunch of pears with my girlfriends. All in all a great weekend, minus a itty bitty hangover on Sunday :)

I also finally got around to taking some pics of my Halloween decor in the entry way.


Sorry about the weird angle of this pic. Our entry is pretty skinny so its hard to get a decent shot.

I had our summer decorations up way too long, so I was excited to change it up with the Halloween decor. I keep it pretty simple in the entry since its so small, but I love having a little space to decorate. I already know exactly what I’ll do for Christmas (damn you, Pinterest!).

Anyway, the decor was centered around using my fancy Halloween candles. 


I splurged and bought these at Pottery Barn last year (I had a 10% off coupon from attending a class). Usually PB is way out of my price range but I knew I’d never be able to DIY these candles and I just love them.

I’m also digging the bright orange in the Chinese lanterns (that plant grows like a weed in my yard) and the pumpkins in the vase.


The silver and black gourds I bought at the dollar store and spray painted. Funny enough, my sister-in-law (the clever bat pumpkin artist) bought the same ones and spray painted them gold for her fall decor. Great minds! :)

Last but not least, my favorite part of the decor is Black Jack.


Although his wild purple hair does not go with anything else, and he’s just a randomly placed toy on our entry table, he’s definitely my fave :) He reminds me of “playing trolls” with my sister when we were little. We went through barbie and stuffed animals phases too. We were only weird some of the time. He also reminds me of trick-or-treating in the old ‘hood, trying to wear a costume over my raincoat (oh, Portland), and collecting pillowcases full of candy.

So even though Black Jack takes the sophistication of my decor down a notch, he’s most definitely my favorite part about it. (And I’m telling myself that with Halloween, most people aren’t looking for ‘sophisticated’ anyway.)


Did you guys save trolls from when you were young to use to decorate? No? Just me? :)

I know you guys DO have some great mementos displayed in your home. What is your fave?

PS. I changed the blog template without ruining our site! I was nervous about it, but it wasn’t too bad. I still need to fix the header but hopefully its a little more user friendly around here now!

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  1. looks fantastic! i'm dressing up my kids stuffed animals in "costumes" and putting them in our entry way.


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