Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Measure Twice, Cut Once

So, I totally kept a secret from you guys. Not really on purpose. At first I was a little embarrassed. But as many bloggers say, I gotta keep it real. Plus, one of my main goals for this blog is that you can learn from my mistakes!

I didn’t include this info in my post about tiling the floor, because I had already rambled on too much (I do that a lot). Plus, we hadn’t fixed it, till last weekend. And it feels much better to own up to my blunder now that we’ve finally fixed it :)

So without further ado, here’s the big mistake we I made when tiling our bathroom floor.


You know the age-old advice to measure twice and cut once? Yeah… I didn’t do that.

Side note: I think I’ve googled the origin of more sayings than I ever wanted to know since I started this blog. Its amazing how much more you think about what you say when you write it down. Well, in case you wanted to know, “age-old” doesn’t have an interesting origin so much as a simple definition in Webster’s: having existed for ages. Who woulda thunk? :)

When we tiled the floor, Matt was in charge of the cutting, but I did all the measurements. And I don’t know how I did it but I was at least an inch off on that tile near the toilet, leaving a big gap.

What was I thinking? I probably got distracted by a tv show or the cats or something. Maybe Diego was opening the door.

Luckily, we had a few extra tiles. So, we removed the old tile, chipped out the surrounding grout, and started over.


Don’t worry, Matt helped me with the measurements this time.


We followed the same steps we did the first round of tiling.
Thinset… wait… grout… wait… replace toilet.

I tell ya, it felt much faster with only one tile! Now its time for me to seal the grout and install trim and the floor will officially be done.

But for now, we (and our guests) are happy the toilet is back in place. And look! The gap is gone!

We need to cut that screw so the cap fits correctly.

I love it when such a small change makes a big difference. I feel like our floor looks much less like an amateur tile job now :) And I won’t make that mistake again. Fixing it was a pain in the ass!


Here’s a sneak peak at our next task in the bathroom…


Do you see that shiny new countertop?

We have to install that bad boy. I can’t wait to tell you how it goes and why we decided to splurge for a granite slab (hint… it may have to do with my tile measuring abilities).

What DIY mistake have you learned the hard way?

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  1. Looking good. I always have my husband measure, he's an accountant and I don't trust myself :)

  2. Oh my. We have more mistakes than I care to mention. It's not a true project until we flubbed something. Your tile looks great. I'm hapoy it was a relatively easy fix. And that countertop is purdy.

  3. Just found your blog through two other Portland bloggers and that's exciting, mostly because, go Portland.

    Last year we redid our full bath on the main floor of the house, and I decided to try my hand at tiling the entire shower surround and floor. Needless to say the project took 5 months to complete. At one point I had to tear down half a wall of tile I'd put up because I hadn't lined them up properly with the other wall. Stupid stupid me.

    But I say, two steps foward and one step back sure beats paying someone else $1,000 to come do it for you.

    My url is if you ever want to stop by and holla.

  4. Nice blog! I've never had to tile a bathroom floor thank goodness... but we are looking at buying our first home soon so I may need to take this advice! Just started following your blog. :)

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