Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Miss Yellow growin’ strong

What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

Pumpkin pi!

Just a totally cool, not-at-all nerdy Fall / Math joke. 

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I was trying to come up with a good plant pun for the title of this post. I even resorted to googling ‘plant puns’, but that pumpkin joke is the best I’ve got.

Anyway. I had one of those weekends where I felt super busy and started a bunch of projects, but finished none of them.

I bought a few cool pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch for Fall decor.

We started fixing a mistake on the tile floor in the bathroom. I haven’t shown you this yet. Did you really think we tiled the floor without making a mistake? :) I’ll share what we did wrong and how we fixed it later this week.

I also started making some book page pumpkins with dollar store supplies.


We also did a little yard work and I spray painted a bit :)

But I’m waiting to actually finish something (and get some fun ‘after’ pics), so those projects will have to wait.

I do have some good news with little Miss Yellow plant.


She’s growing! A couple months ago I shared my Operation Rescue to try and revive her and a runner bean plant. The bean plant… um, isn’t doing so well.

But Miss Yellow, she’s a fighter. Look at the progress she’s made the last two months.


I’ll keep posting update pics on Facebook, but I wanted to show her off. Look at those leaves standing tall!


The bigger pot and regular water must be working. So simple. Why do I kill so many plants?

I can’t wait for her to have her yellow flowers back.


Hopefully by next spring she’ll be good as new. In the meantime, I vow to keep remembering to water her!

Have you ever brought a plant back from the dead? What’s your secret?

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  1. What a pretty yellow flower!

    Yes, I've brought plants back from the apparent brink of death... my secret... watering. If I forget to water they die... DUH, Stef! Wake up! Water is essential! ;)

  2. I had a couple of kalanchoe plants back when I got my house... before Puff The Cat came to live with me of course. My problem was always watering them too much. They are succulents (like cacti) and I tend to get a little overzealous with the watering pot and then they rot. Don't do that to Ms. Yellow!

  3. Oh also.... Dallas and I were at co-worker's house over the weekend and they had a book page zebra head on their wall. You could make me one of those!

  4. those book page pumpkins are awesome!

  5. ooooh your book page pumpkins are awesome. I want in on that action. Maybe a tutorial is on the agenda Saturday!?!


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