Monday, September 26, 2011

Day Tripper

Well, weekend tripper, but I thought since I’m singing The Beatles in my head, you should too :)

This weekend Matt and I went on a trip to the Oregon Coast with my family. It was great spending some real time together and taking my sister to the coast since she’s finally living in Portland again.

From the start of the car ride, we had a great time (well, besides my sister telling me I’m a crazy driver).


We puzzled and played games.



We spent some time on the beach (and got some exercise!)

IMG_3000 Its nice to have proof I exercised :)

IMG_2975 My cute sister

skipping-rocksFour skips!

We saw some wildlife (though I’m not sure how ‘wild’ that deer is).


Emmy and Matt even went in the ocean!

IMG_3039 I love how Matt looks like he’s dancing

For the end of September in Oregon, we had some beautiful weather. Combined with good beer and wine, lots of food, and great company, it was a fantastic trip.


Although I’m embracing fall, it was so nice to have one more summer weekend.

Have you guys taken any last minute trips before Fall (completely) arrives?

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  1. I was close (Camp 18 close), but The Offspring wasn't feeling well so we turned around. Looks like it was a beautiful weekend for going to the Oregon beach!

  2. How fun and relaxing. I've been wanting to get away. Things have been hectic since school started.

  3. Looks perfect! I'm ashamed to say we haven't made it to the beach once this summer. Although, we do have a trip to Puget Sound planned for next month, so I'm crossing my fingers for dry weather!

  4. I love that photo of the rock skipping! And that deer looks un-normally comfortable!! haha

  5. so fun! looks like you had great weather :) Were you in Lincoln City? It looks a little bit like the neighborhood we stayed in about a year ago! Glad you could get away. Just got caught up on a few of your recent posts, looks like you needed some time off after all your hard work!! Your yard project is awesome!
    thanks for stopping by the other day.


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