Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Behind Bars (or, the never ending quest to figure out what to do with my ottoman)

So, I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that I’m not sure what to make of my garage sale ottoman. It was priced at $40 and my bargaining fever got the best of me, so when the guy said OK to $25, I was sold. I thought it looked great outside in the person’s yard.


But inside, its just so…….. big.

Also, my mom told me it looked like something on the set of an S&M video. So its got that going for it :)

I have to agree with her more PG assessment, that there was too much going on. The bars on all sides (except one) are a little too industrial for our cozy family room. (I think industrial is the right way to describe that look.) Anyway, those bars were really starting to bug me.


So while watching Happy Endings (and with little forethought) I started tearing them off :)


BTW, have you seen Happy Endings? Funniest new (to us) show we’ve discovered this summer. Seriously, both Matt and I laugh out loud every time we watch it. And yes, I  realize admit that we watch more than our fair share of TV. Can’t help what you love :)

I’m not sure if I’ll take the bars on the sides off. I’m worried about balance. The table is so big, I’m thinking without the bars, the legs might look really puny compared to the rest of the ottoman.

I’m also not quite sure how to patch the holes. The surface of the wood reminds me of IKEA furniture, I think its veneer. But even with the holes, the less jail-like look is an improvement.


Now I’m going to try and get the little metal pieces out and clean off the glue.


And clean the rest of the wood. Look how dirty that is! Embarrassing!

After that’s finished, I’ll take some time to ponder my next step. No more rash decisions.

So what do you think?

Should I remove the rest of the bars?

Do you know how to fix holes/dings in veneer?

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  1. D,
    What if you used those "Nail head" things that you see on upholstered pieces to fill in the screw holes. They are less industrial and would look nice with the brown leather. I like it without the bars, and don't think the legs look too thin...worse case scenario you could remove the top (assuming that’s the part you like) and put it on new spindle legs- like the ones Jbo's mom put on her couches.

  2. I really like the nailhead idea. I think if you do that, you could easily remove the rest of the bars and make those the focal point.

    But, I don't mind the bars, either. And $25 is a great deal!

    (Are you painting it? If you are, you could simply use wax or wood putty in the dings and paint it all.)

  3. I like it better without the bars. I also agree with the "nail heads" idea.

    I'd remove the bars and if it's unstable them put them back.

  4. I actually like the bars on the side - gives it character:). But, I guess it depends on what "look" you are going for:). Such a great garage sale find!


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