Monday, August 15, 2011

We will be better together than we could be alone


Matt and I started dating young. At first it was primarily about Pabst Blue Ribbon, sleeping in, and making pancakes together. As we got older and survived some (big and small) bumps in the road, our relationship grew with us. Eventually I started asking Matt when we’d get hitched.

I’m a planner. Even if the answer was long into the future, I needed to know. So he gave me an answer that seemed really far away at the time.

“When we’re 28”. I’m sure he thought, “Hey, that’s so far away, she’ll never remember!”

Silly man.

Last year on June 11 I woke up with a grin on my face. I was 28. We’d been living together for a couple years, just bought our house and combined finances, and we still really liked each other. And we were 28! We got engaged a few weeks later.

Right after our engagement, a couple things happened that set in motion our perfect wedding. Matt tore his ACL while he had no health insurance and my sister decided to up and move to South Korea for a year.

It was always my plan that my sister would be my maid of honor and witness me get married, so it was either now, or in a year.

Plus, Matt was hobbling around like an old man, waiting for his knee to miraculously heal while I sat there with my kick ass government health insurance. Despite my letter to the President and calls to HR (for several reasons in addition to my own selfish one), I was sadly convinced that domestic partners did not qualify for our health care.

So last August 15th, we decided to tie the knot.

Matt’s brother, Andy, and my sister, Emmy, were our witnesses (Andy’s wife Amy was our photog). My best friend since 6th grade Alyssa became an ordained reverend (thank you internet!) and wrote our beautiful vows. We all gathered on our back deck and Matt and I signed our lives away :)

58553_707421250178_19702296_39690065_8261065_n Emmy, Matt, Alyssa, Me, Andy

Even though we were eloping for untraditional reasons, it was perfect. We loved each other and had made each other happy for 8+ years, so why not! Simple and easy – just the way we like it.

One year later, through many home improvement projects, we still really like each other :)

Matt’s had two surgeries and his knee is on the mend. My sister had an eventful, challenging, fun-filled journey in South Korea and is about three weeks away from moving HOME. And when the mood strikes, I can refer to my BFF as ‘Reverend Alyssa’.

What more could I ask for?


(In case you’re curious, the title of this post is my favorite line from our vows.)

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  1. Happy Anniversary Matt and D, I Love your Love!!!

  2. Cute!! Love your untraditional wedding :)

  3. Very nice story! In a way, ours is similar....involving health insurance and US Immigration. That was 3.5 years ago and we are having baby #2 any day! Life sure does change fast! Congrats!


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