Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lookin’ Out My Front Door

(I know that lyric isn’t quite right… doo doo doo lookin’ out my back door).

I am once again benefitting from my parent’s move to a condo. Their porch is pretty small so I am happy to inherit this bench.

front-porch-bench I know. The grass looks awful. We don’t water it, we’re saving water lazy.

I love it. Its sturdy and is perfect for our currently bare front porch.


My parents have had this bench for I don’t know how long, so it looked a little worn out.


I thought about painting it some wild, fun color, but since I don’t know what color our house is going to be, I couldn’t decide. We’d like to remove that fake rock next to the front door (its by the garage too) and put more siding up, then paint the house. Someday we’ll get to it :)

So, since a wild and crazy color wasn’t in the cards, I went to old faithful – oil rubbed bronze spray paint. ORB paint looks metallic and really helped make the bench look new again.

My mom didn’t believe me that it would make a difference. But it does, see?


Told you, Mom!

I painted it in the heat of the day. The spray paint started to look like it was sweating as much as me in kettlebell class.


That’s never happened before. Do you guys know – is it because of the hot weather?

Anyway, the bench, along with a little plant I moved from the backyard helped spruce up the front porch a bit.


Some animal is eating the leaves my little plant. I can’t figure it out!


Hopefully the little guy survives, I love the lime green leaves.

Anyway, I know we have a lot of work to do. I’d love to get some new house numbers, paint the lights, and maybe stencil the ceiling above the porch (and of course get rid of the awful faux rock). But for now, that’s my mini makeover of our front porch.

Makes it a little more welcoming, right? A little?


I can’t wait to spice it up even more with some Fall (and Halloween) decor!

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  1. Turned out great. Definitely adds to the porch. Just add a few outdoor throw pillows for a touch of color. What a great bench.

  2. Love inherited pieces of furniture - great steal:).

  3. Cute! I like it in ORB. I've never had it melt before. That's really strange. It must have been the sun. The color really pops on your stone. Very inviting now. (And the light on inside doesn't hurt.)

  4. Love your homey front porch!! The bench does look great painted. :) Thanks for the visit today!

  5. What a difference! It looks AWESOME ... great curb appeal!

    Later this fall/spring I'll be interested in knowing how it survives our Oregon weather. ;)

  6. I was thinking "how cute will that look with Halloween pumpkins on it" the whole time!


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