Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Slithery Snake Wreath (Halloween decor – too soon?)

So I know its not even September yet, but I've already started thinking about Halloween decorations (I know, I know). I'm not sure why, but I LOVE it. Maybe because its the one holiday my husband also enjoys decorating (when else do plastic toys count as decor?).

Maybe its just because I love Fall. Could also be college football, colorful trees, and lots of government holidays.

Either way, I get totally into it. Last year (before my blogging days, so forgive the makeshift pics) I made this awesomely creepy snake wreath. I originally got the idea from a Martha Stewart Living mag


I thought I'd share the simple steps to make it yourself.

How to Make a Slithery Snake Wreath

First, go to a craft store and pick up a woven wood wreath frame.

Spray paint it black.

Then, spray paint a bunch of rubber snakes. I used lots of little ones and a few big ones. If you can find black rubber snakes, I bow down to you. I looked everywhere!

After the wreath and snakes are dry, weave a whole bunch of snakes in and out of the branches. Make sure its not too symmetrical; have some heads and tails dangling out in a few places.

I noticed the spray paint stuck to the little guys well but took much longer to adhere to the big snakes. Just a warning so you don’t walk by your wreath and get spray paint on your pants :)

If you want, you can use red paint to put eyes back on the big snakes.

halloween-wreath Good thing I saved all my puff paint from the ‘90s ;)

That's it! Pretty easy.

When I'm having company or on Halloween, I'll hang some tiny, battery-operated lights behind it since our porch is not well-lit at night.

snake-halloween Love the little guy trying to escape!

I'll warn you to start early looking for snakes. I don't know why but it was really hard for me to find them. I ended up getting a package of itty bitty ones online and found a few big ones at a costume store. I couldn't find them in any toy store or stores like Freddie’s. I don't know why, maybe Portlanders don't like toy snakes?


I can't wait to bust out the wreath this year. When is it socially acceptable to start decorating for Halloween?

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  1. seriously, this is amazing! I'm in LOVE with fall for the same reasons :) And I actually have this photo saved ad never got around to it. Because yours turned out so great, I'm getting right on it!

  2. Cute idea - you could make centerpieces like that too (think punch bowl full of creepy blood-red punch sitting inside a snake wreath on the table). I bet you could get plastic snakes at the zoo gift store!

  3. Not to early!!!! I love to see new & old ideas for Halloween this way I have to make & display. Thanks for sharing & keep the ideas coming!!!!

  4. This is a really great wreath. I want to make this right away. I am "pinning" this.

  5. I dig it, but yes... it is too early to be thinking Halloween! It is still August! I can't handle thinking it is almost fall, I've only had 2 1/2 weeks of summer.

  6. It's never too early to start thinking about Halloween!!! This wreath is awesome!!! You did such a good job and I might have to borrow the idea. Thanks for the inspiration

  7. ewwww

    great project, but I HATE snakes!


  8. I love Kari's idea on the table centerpiece with the creepy blood-red punch bowl!

  9. I'm sooo doing this! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm hosting a Halloween link party now through the end of November. Stop by anytime!


    Corie @ Design DNA

  10. Amazing how the grapevines start to look like snakes too! Thank you so much for sharing this fun project. Co-incidentally, I bought some rubber snakes the other day at the $1 bins at Target...I thought they looked creepy and now I know what to do with them! I saw your post over at "Southern Hospitality".

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  12. What kind of spray paint did you use???

  13. Hi craftyblt, I used Rustoleum black satin spray paint. But, when I stored the wreath it came off the big rubber snakes a little bit (the small ones were fine), so it may be good to prime!


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