Monday, August 8, 2011

Guest Blogger: A Home in the Making

Hi everyone! While I'm doing laundry and catching up on work I have another great guest blogger for you today, Jenn from A Home in the Making. Another one of my faves!

Hi Newcomb Home Readers! I'm so excited to be with you today .... Katie and her lovely blog are one of my favorites. My name is Jenn, and I blog at A Home in the Making. It the story of my (along with my husband!) adventures (and misadventures) in home renovations and d-i-y.

Today I'm going to share with you my new most favorite summer cocktail. After a long day of painting, landscaping, or building, there is nothing better than relaxing with a cocktail and friends. This is especially true in the summer when you can enjoy evening outside, and when BERRIES are available!

For me, fresh berries are one of summers greatest treats. Although I've been known to eat them by the pint - straight out of the pint - I'm always looking for great recipes that really showcase the berries.

I recently discovered sparkly Pinot Gris. Have you tried this? This particular bottle is from Trader Joes, and it is AMAZING. Sparkly, clean, crisp and not very sweet, it's the type of wine that makes any occasion feel special. And, since it's from TJ's, you know it's under $10 :). In a rare stroke of genius a couple weeks ago I combined the berries and the sparkly pinot into an awesome summer cocktail, with a lovely sparkly berry flavor. Yum! (ps, if you aren't near a TJ's, there are other sparkly wines available that would work fine. but, if you are near a TJ's, you gotta try this!)

To make this glass of refreshment, first,  you muddle the berries. I know there are actual muddler tools out there, but I simply use a fork and a bowl. Easy. Muddle until you break down the berries a little, but there are still some chunks. You want the berries to release their juice.

Once you've muddled, scoop 1-2 tablespoons of berries into each glass.

Lastly, pour your sparkly wine over the top of the berries.

Do you see the bubbles? Amazing.

You can see the little chunks of berries still swimming around in here.

Looking for a non-alcoholic version? I recommended dry vanilla soda. OMG. Delish. (And, no, I haven't been paid to endorse either of these brands. I just really, really like them! :)

Serve the wine up with your favorite dessert .... or better yet, as dessert in and of itself.

So tell me, what's your favorite summer cocktail? Ours was margaritas until this guy came along. What should we be trying next?

Thanks again for having me today! Make sure you pop over to A Home in the Making and say hi sometime! :)

Thanks Jenn! Hope you'll all head to her blog and visit!

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  1. Yum! I've been known to add strawberry puree to why have I not tried this?

    My favorites are lemon herb martinis, and strawberry basil capairinhas.

  2. this looks delish!! trying it ASAP!!

    *hopped over from Jenn's A Home in the Making


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