Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting my groove back

After a couple weeks of relaxing and a week of wonderful guest bloggers (here, here, and here), I’m starting to get my groove back. For me, summer means lay around, have lots of wine and cocktails, and work as little as I can :) This summer-induced laziness means I’ve barely been keeping up with housework and we’ve been eating out a lot – no renovation or home decor projects have been in my head for a while!

home-to-do-list Been doin’ a lotta this.

But, I’m getting the itch back. The stagnant decor is starting to get to me and the bathroom still doesn’t have a sink. For a while I was totally ok with it. Now, its back to buuugging meee.


Plus, side note, my sister is moving home from South Korea in 3 weeks! I want her to be comfortable staying here whenever she’d like. I have a feeling a sink for her to use would help :)

Tonight I’ve been spray painting a new tray for the family room (I’ll show you tomorrow, its drying). What better way to get back into it than a little spray paint?

I also wanted to gather my thoughts and update my to-do list.

Katie’s (and Matt’s) 2011 To Do List (written in January)

1. Clean up the garage. Hopefully we cross this off the list on the weekend. Its free! – We’ve organized the garage, but its messy again.

2. Remodel the guest bath. – Almost done!

3. Paint the bed frame in the guest room. Its the frame my grandparents used and in serious need of an update. Guest room update here.

4. Make a headboard for the master bedroom Not even started
5. Remodel the master bath. Not even started

6. Get a chair for the family room – I’ve been looking but I haven’t found anything quite right

7. Finish the coffee table in the living room (currently missing a top) Not even started

8. Fix up the back yard. Not even started

9. Add about 150 sq feet to the kitchen, totally gut and remodel. – Will try to start this spring

10. Learn how to can food – Have learned to make jam. Still have plans to do this with some girlfriends this summer.

Okay, WOW. Apparently I’m very easily side-tracked! (And I might be a tad too ambitious, or need a longer timeframe.) Looks like we’ve only started 4 of the 10 things on the list. Honestly, the guest bathroom remodel has taken a lot more time than expected.

And instead of tackling the rest of the to-do list, I’ve:

Done a lot of thrifting
Made art for the
kitchen and the family room
Decorated the
mantel, entry, and front door

Replaced the light in the master bedroom
college football-inspired decor items
Created some water pitchers out of old wine bottles
Made some
napkin rings
Spent an unreasonable amount of time trying to catch
my cat opening the front door
And a bunch of random cooking, guest blogging, and most importantly, lounging around!

Thank you for indulging me. I needed that reminder that I actually have accomplished some things at home the last six months :)

And we still plan to get to the rest of the list… just might take a little longer than I thought.  Matt and I had hoped we’d start the kitchen this summer, but we didn’t have quite enough money saved up. Now we have the money, but Matt’s busy studying for his comprehensive exams for his Master’s. Maybe this spring?

Meanwhile, in addition to the list above, I need to repaint this dresser in the entry

repaint-desk Hand-me-down from my parents

fix up this night stand and dresser for the guest room

IMG_2698 $5 garage sale purchase

dresser This $10 Craigslist dresser needs a lotta love

Update this chair for the master bedroom (my SIL will have to teach me to reupholster things!)


Decorate this sad, empty corner of the living room


And figure out if I like this huge, gigantic ottoman/coffee table. And what the hell to do with it.

IMG_2682 Clearly not a staged photo.

I like the sturdiness and the big shelf on the bottom.


I don’t dig the jail-like bars on the sides, and can’t decide if I should take the top off and do something creative or just keep it. The big old thing was only $25 at a garage sale so I’m open to trying something risky. What do you think I should do with it?

So, there are my smaller, more attainable goals for the rest of 2011 that will help me get my decor groove back.

What’s on your to-do list for the rest of the year?

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  1. Your entry way table looks good! Also for #8 on the to do list, think about my mud pit idea. Serious. And I can brush my teeth in the kitchen sink when I stay there, no worries. And one more thing - I got you something in Malaysia (house related) - I don't know if you will like it but when I showed mom on skype she was POed I didn't get her one.

  2. I love that $10 craigslist dresser. It's going to be a beautiful piece! Where are you going to put it?

  3. Disregard the question about where it's going to to...I read the caption more completely ;)

  4. Now that is quite the to-do list! Wowzers. Good luck to you. Stopping by from Serenity Now.

  5. Good luck on your to-do list! Mine is much less interesting and creative...fix the broken glass in the bathroom window (been broken for more than a year!), paint the bedroom walls and ceiling, re-glue our kitchen chairs...Ooh, and find a new top for my desk. I'll have to send you a picture of that and see if you have any great ideas. :)


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