Friday, August 26, 2011

Cardboard Box Turned Board Game Storage

Yesterday I got to work from home. Greatest thing ever. Seriously, I slept a half hour later, started work earlier, and got to pace around the house while I was on conference calls. No more feeling chained to a windowless cubicle all day. So happy! 

But as I sat in our office, I noticed that for a productive work space, it was pretty freakin' messy.

We have some new place settings we received as gifts (beautiful white plates, love them!). For some reason I have been waiting to use them. I think their grand debut should be in a nice new kitchen, not our little run-down one. Cause you know, plates are divas like that.

But the floor of an office is no place to store beautiful dishes. We have a hutch in the living room that's a perfect place, but it is currently occupied by all of our board games.

So in a 30-minute lunch break shuffle, I moved the dishes into the hutch and put the games in our behemoth ottoman (that I still don't know what to do with).

The ottoman was looking like this.


Once the games were in there, it looked pretty cluttered and messy.


So to continue the organizational musical chairs, I threw the games into the box that used to hold the dishes.


Its a little better, but with all the dark furniture in the family room, I thought the white box was standing out too much.


So I did what any logical person would do. I covered the box with shopping bags :) I was looking for a free, temporary solution so the brown box is just what I needed.

Eventually I'd love to get some cute baskets under there to organize our games, magazines, and books. But for now, the cardboard box looks simpler and less cluttered that just shoving the games in alone. And I thought the brown color of the bags would help the box blend in a little more.

Diego helped me work. Carl was just annoyed we woke him from his nap.


Four brown sacks later, the cardboard box was disguised a little.


Its no fun basket, but I think it'll work just fine as a free solution to our storage needs.


Side note: I know we need new curtains. The red ones are from my first color scheme. I've since changed it up but haven't found new curtains yet.

In that pic above Matt's watching The Wire. Has anyone else seen that show? Like usual we're way behind the times, but its really good. Depressing, but good. It takes place in Baltimore and right now we're watching the cops try to crack a case to take down a local drug ring (Get it? Crack? I know, terrible). Unfortunately I think the depiction of the neighborhoods isn't too far from the truth. I feel for the kids growing up there. And I don't care how awful the kids are, cop on kid violence is really hard to watch. Do you think kids really get into that horrible stuff at such a young age? How do we break the cycle? Anyway, the show is great, makes you think. The story draws you in so you get hooked, even though there isn't a feel-good ending each episode. Wow - I should start a blog about all the tv I watch :)

Another aside: I did my field work for my Master's project in the streams of inner city Baltimore. I can't believe we were waltzing around these neighborhoods in chest waders. We probably looks very out of place!

Okay, sorry about that. Back to clutter organization. What's you go-to storage solution at home? Pin It


  1. Hi Katie -
    That is a good disguise and I'm glad you get to work from home instead of in a windowless cubicle!

    I recently went on a Baltimore Toxics tour ( and environmental activist Glenn Ross taught us about environmental racism in those neighborhoods and the intentional politics of their decay.

    Also, Sujay's baby is either being born now or was just born!

    Tammy :)

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  3. Hi Katie! I love your idea with covering the box with paper bags. The boxes that laundry detergent come in make excellent magazine holders. I would cut a quarter of it out then cover in used paper.

    Justin and I loved The Wire, especially since we live in the city of Baltimore. That bright brick building you can see when they do the panorama shots is where we live :)

  4. The movie you're talking about is Something's Gotta Give. I also have a few baskets I can part with as long as I can locate them. If you remind I can bring them on Monday:)Also JoAnn's and Michael's have cheap baskets especially if you clip their weekly coupons:)

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