Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Updated Drink Tray (Oregon State spirit round two)

A few days ago I shared the festive ice bucket I made with a galvanized bucket and the new Krylon Dual spray paint.


While painting the bucket for my friends (it was a gift), I also made a drink tray for us (gotta have a little Oregon State spirit in the Newcomb home too!).


The Krylon Dual spray paint worked just as well on the plastic tray as it did on the metal bucket. Good work Krylon :)

Here’s what I used:


Krylon Dual spray paint in smoke grey and mandarin
sand paper
frog tape
tape measure (not pictured)
OSU decal (or your favorite team)

First, I roughed up the tray with the sand paper and then cleaned off all the dust. Then I I spray painted the whole tray with the grey.


I wanted a design (What is that called? Greek key?) so a couple days after I painted it with grey, I taped off the design.



Once it was taped off, I sprayed it with two coats of orange.

After I peeled the tape off (about 10 minutes after I spray painted), I realized I didn’t like the look of having a grey border on the outside so I sprayed the whole edge orange.


I used a clear bumper sticker for the “OSU” but cut out each letter individually, to avoid a shiny square in the middle.

See how its not quite straight?

Yeah, I was stayin’ true to my alma mater and had a couple beers while crafting. Which may also explain this lame attempt at a staged photo.


Have you ever had Mirror Pond? Its a tasty beer from Central Oregon.

I do like the way the tray turned out. Can’t wait to have friends over to watch a little football!

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  1. So cute katie! Great gift idea!!

  2. Great idea! I have some Dual paint and some old plastic trays. I think I will try this over the weekend!
    Thanks fo r sharing at My Repurposed Life

  3. I love spray paint! You did a GREAT job taping off that pattern.
    catching you next week,


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