Thursday, July 14, 2011

Operation Rescue

So did any of you guys play that computer game in the ‘90s?


That’s cause it doesn’t exist. Sadly, like many other things in life, it just exists in my memory. I’ve been walking around telling Matt about my “Operation Rescue. You know, named after the computer game”.

Today I wanted to tell all of you guys about my Operation Rescue and reminisce about that awesome, addicting game. Except google helped me realize, that’s not what it was called at all.

Operation Neptune.

revive-house-plants Via

Did you play it? I used to go to my neighbors house and we’d play it for hours. I can’t remember if we ever won. I’ll tell you what though. We SO beat Mario on the game boy :) Anyway, so many years past, the name Operation Neptune merged with another stellar DOS game: Midnight Rescue.

I forgot how much I loved computer games! It probably helped shape the math nerd I’ve become today. Or maybe the blogging nerd, cause I’m still on the computer?


Would you believe this post is about plants? It is. Promise.

Yep, I’m jumping right from the graphics of ‘90s computer games to plants, so I can tell you about Operation Rescue!

Ha! I’m such a fool.

Anyway, I have been terribly neglecting two plants of mine, so I put Operation Rescue in place to see if I could revive them.


The one on the left is a runner bean start I got in my CSA box and another is a plant I call Miss Yellow. You first saw her in my post about a romantic tablescape. She looked like this.


What have I done! I think her life in a shot glass and sporadic watering has led her down a dark path. I feel terrible, but I’m trying to rescue her!
I planted Miss Yellow in a 25 cent terra cotta pot from the ReStore. The runner bean was less fortunate, getting upgraded to a bigger plastic pot leftover from Lowe’s.


I’ve watered both of them and am determined to nurse them back to health.
Wish me luck!

Do you have any great plant rescuing tips?
Which was your favorite DOS game from the ‘90s (or ‘80s)?

PS. I’ll update Miss Yellow’s progress on facebook so be sure to check out our page!

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  1. Operation Neptune was awesome! Don't feel bad that you screwed up the name, I would have just said "the game with the submarine", so at least you had the "Operation" part right :)

  2. ooh i loved 90s games...there was this math one called number munchers...loved it!

  3. Sadly I have no plant advise. I have the worst luck myself. I do hope miss yellow comes back, she was gorgeous!


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