Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to Make an Ice Bucket (Bring on the mimosas!)

College football season is coming up soon (time flies faster and faster the older I get!) so when I got the opportunity to try out Krylon’s new Dual spray paint I happily asked for orange – the color of the Oregon State Beavers!


Krylon’s Dual spray paint is paint and primer all in one. I haven’t heard of a combo in spray paint before and was excited to give it a try. I used it on plastic and metal and it worked great! Tomorrow I’ll tell you how I transformed an outdated plastic tray. Today I’ll show you how I turned a plain galvanized bucket into a festive ice bucket.


Good friends of ours (same girl I made jam with) host a tailgater every home football game at Oregon State and its always so much fun, I thought the least I can do is give them a festive ice bucket to hold our mimosa fixin’s for those early games.

So Katie and Dan, if you read this blog and haven’t gotten your bucket yet, sorry I ruined the surprise!

It was really so easy to make. Seriously.

You need:
galvanized bucket (can be found at any hardware store)
Painters tape
Krylon Dual spray paint
sticker or letters for your favorite sports team (or you could just write “Drinks” or something)

The bucket started out like this:


I took off the Behrens sticker and then taped off the opening and the middle using Frog tape and paper, so I could paint orange stripes on the top and bottom.


After everything was taped off, I went ahead and spray painted. I didn’t prep the metal at all, and since Krylon’s new Dual spray paint has primer in it, I didn’t have to prime! It was glorious!

It was pretty windy that day, so of course I held the can super close to the bucket and cause some drips. I waited till the next day and sanded down the drips a little and re-painted, good as new.

The deck however, was a casualty.


After I finished spray painting, I only waiting about 20 minutes before peeling off the painters tape. I’m not sure if this was necessary, but I wanted to make sure I had clean lines on the stripes.

After the paint was dry, I used two OSU bumper stickers to decorate the bucket.


The Beavers bumper sticker above was separate stickers for each letter, so I just stuck it on.


The OSU bumper sticker was one piece of plastic, so I cut out each letter. It avoids a shiny rectangle around the letters and makes it look more permanent and less like a sticker.

I love both sides of the bucket and can’t wait to join our friends cheering on the Beavs! As long as I have a mimosa in hand I’ll be happy, even if its 10am, cold and rainy :)


I didn’t have mimosa ingredients handy to stage the ice bucket so my nephew offered to help me show it off.


First he wasn’t sure about being in a bucket. But when he saw it was a tribute to the OSU Beavs, it made him feel better. We’re making him a fan already! :)
The Krylon Dual spray paint worked so well on the metal. I can’t wait to show you my drink tray soon!

Krylon sent me the new Dual Paint to try out but opinions are 100% honest. Check out their latest promotion, The Dual Duel, where Krylon is looking to find The Ultimate Restorer. To win this title, enter your spray paint restoration project and encourage friends and family to vote for your project as their favorite for their chance to win too.

Dual Duel Button 
Update: For a look at what else I did with the Krylon Dual spray paint check out my drink tray!

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  1. Love that bucket! It turned out very neat and clean looking :) Even if the colors and stickers are all wrong. Love ya Katie
    :) Brynn

  2. Katie this is awesome!!! I ruined the surprise though, sorry! Can't wait to have this at the tailgate, it will be PERFECT. You are so creative, I love it.
    GO BEAVS!!

  3. So awesome! Your nephew is adorable, too.

  4. Great job on your bucket. The pictures of your nephew in the bucket are awesome.

    I found you through the DIY Showoff link party and am your newest follower. I saw OSU and wanted to come say hi to a fellow Oregon blogger. Come check me out, too, if you're interested @ Carissa's Creativity Space

  5. What a fun idea! Great choice in schools/teams! Go Beavs!

  6. Too much fun! Love this idea! And, psyched about dual primer/paint combo! Of course my bucket would have to say CU BUFFS !

    New follower from


    ps the fence photo was hilarious. i was spraying something the other day and my husband was like "it sprays past the object " whatever! thanks for the visual!

  7. Hi Katie
    I'm back! Have you always lived in Portland. My sister and brother in law lived there. he was the weekend news anchor for KGW and then moved to the nighttime anchor in Knoxville,Tennessee a few years ago. I would visit every August (pretty weather). I think you were like 10 when john was there, but my sister taught at a Catholic grade school (blanking on name) in tigard and went to grad school at portland state.

  8. Those are so cute! I didn't know you are an Oregonian (me too!!) I love the idea of using the bumper stickers -- brilliant & simple!


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