Monday, June 27, 2011

Paint Crisis Averted

Last weekend my calm husband averted a Katie freak out crisis during our bathroom remodel. Back in January, I had a coupon that was about to expire for a free gallon of Benjamin Moore Aura paint. So I picked out a paint color for the bathroom. Before we even started the remodel, and without any paint samples on the wall.

I was living on the wild side.

Usually I bring home several samples, paint them all over the walls and stare at them for weeks. So picking the paint color sight unseen was like Snooki showing up for work on time. Crazy!

So 3 4 5 6 months later we finally got far enough along in the remodel that it was time to paint the walls. For this I did not live on the wild side.

Well, I did have a little wine.

paint bathroom
A lot of wine?

Awesome shirt, huh?

Seriously though, to prep for paint we carefully mudded the drywall, textured and cleaned the walls.

mud drywall

Primed the whole bathroom.

prime walls

Painted the ceiling white, and then started applying the green paint I’d picked out for the walls. It was called Dune Grass.

According to Ben Moore, a gray undertone produces this soft, light green that's clean, vibrant and versatile. This sweet shade creates a beautiful backdrop for richer, heavier colors.

Sounds pretty, right?

It was yellow.

Not calm, spa-like dune grass, but “Am I a baby’s diaper or a rotten banana?” yellow. Enter Katie crisis mode (which is not a pretty sight). When I get frustrated or flustered I tend to do what my family refers to as PP-ing. (Short for premature panicking. We shorten things).

So as I was PP-ing, my nice, nice husband went to Home Depot to pick out some other colors for the bathroom. While he was there he had a light bulb moment, “What if its the lighting?”

We had a halogen lamp in the bathroom since we were waiting to hang the light fixture until after painting. Its a pretty harsh light, so Matt thought if he changed out the lights it might change the color of the walls.

Problem was, while he was having this epiphany at HD, I was doing this.

mixing paint

I dumped a bunch of light blue into Dune Grass! When Matt came home we tested my newly created color on the wall. It was a little better, but not much; so Matt went along his way installing the light fixture while I was making jam.

And I don’t admit this very often, would even consider it risky putting in writing :) but Matt was right.

The light made a huuuge difference!

The yucky yellow turned into a grassy green. Except now in the paint can we had Dune Grass mixed with a light blue. I crossed my fingers and we painted the rest of the room.

I love it! I kept going back and forth but I do really like the color. I like to think my mixing job calmed down the green and helped with the color, but I know it was totally the light switcheroo.

The new light fixture Matt installed.

I think I’ll keep my husband around :)

Its so hard to capture paint colors in photos but here’s what it looks like.
paint bathroom walls

So, lesson learned (the hard way). 

Only judge paint colors in the correct lighting, it makes a big difference!

Actually, I usually do this. So maybe my lesson learned should be to not live on the wild side (when it comes to paint color at least). 

Its smart to paint a swatch on the wall and look at it during all parts of the day to see what morning, afternoon and evening light does to the paint color. 

Now if only Thrifty Decor Chick’s post about caulk had been published before we caulked the shower.

paintable caulk

I would have known to use paintable caulk. The 100% silicone caulk is important to use around the tub to create a waterproof seal, but for the top of the shower I should have used paintable caulk. Paint doesn’t stick to silicone, so we’ve got some touching up to do around the shower. 

Since we finished painting two weekends ago, last weekend we were able to work on the flooring. Here’s a sneak peak. 

tile floor

I’ll share more about the new floor soon! 

So what painting lesson have you learned the hard way?

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  1. So glad you guys averted a paint crisis. ;) I am the same way and would have prematurely panicked too. Can't wait to see the final reveal.

  2. Its funny how things tend to work out at the end after trial and error. I really like the serene green color too! :)

  3. Re: "So, lesson learned...Only judge paint colors in the correct lighting, it makes a big difference! Actually, I usually do this. So maybe my lesson learned should be to not live on the wild side (when it comes to paint color at least)."

    Another lesson learned could be that when drinking large glasses of white wine you forget there may be more than one reason the paint doesn't look like you hoped it would. Nice job, Matt!
    Katie, I love your blog.

  4. I think we have all made these mistakes! It's hard to tell what paint will look like in the room, with different lighting, how it will read next to different colors, etc.
    It's a science all right!

  5. Paint experiments are always exciting! Glad things turned out the way you wanted! Can't wait to see it all done!

  6. I just got home from picking up two cans of paint from Sherwin Williams (or Sherlin Lillams as one of my friends calls them because she can't ever pronounce it). They're having a 30% off sale through 7/4/11. After having the swatches up in the Portland Pad (my PP) for a while and being TOTALLY sure, I still freaked when I saw the color on a white card at the store (here in Seattle so I couldn't be further from the actual final paint location). I had to talk myself down and remember that I chose the colors in the right light, in the right room. We'll see on the 16th when the painters do their thing. (We did the living room ourselves and were reminded that sometimes it's just worth paying someone else. I freaked over that color too in Home Depot at Mall 205 b/c it just looked like off-white in the store. Agh.)

  7. I needed to read this post! We are painting our half-bathroom this weekend. I might have a painting disasters post coming up soon. Ha!

    (Thanks for linking up with the #findingthefunny party. Hope you come back next week!)

  8. That looks fabulous, I'm totally impressed! And what a hilarious night!


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