Monday, June 13, 2011

My First (Documented) Craft Fail

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to try out a new product, Envirotex Lite resin, and I shared with you guys wood napkin rings I made using some shims, ribbon, and the resin.

I think they turned out pretty cute.

napkin rings

The wood napkin rings turned out well but they were a bit of a bear to make, so I went for round two. I tried to make a different style napkin ring out of Envirotex Lite resin.

The results were, um, interesting. They don’t look so bad in a picture.

napkin rings  

But in real life they’re strange looking (and unsymmetrical, which really bugs). One side is nice and curved, like the inside of the mold, and the other side is concave and has jagged little pills edges.


Not only did the napkin rings turn out crappy, but I wasn’t able to get them out of the mold without breaking everything.

resin mold fail

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself, so I’ll back up a bit. I got this idea from some white napkin rings I’d seen (I think in the Crate and Barrel outlet?). They were similar to these.



I like the smooth texture and simple, solid color. So when I was on a roll with the resin from the first napkin ring project, I searched my house to try and find a makeshift mold to recreate the napkin rings above.

I considered contact solution bottles, baby bottle caps (my nephew’s, not ours!), and measuring cups, but finally decided to use some hair spray caps and travel sized shampoo bottles as a mold.

 craft fail

I used food coloring to dye the resin.

color resin

And poured the resin into the molds. About 48 hours later they were completely hardened. And completely stuck in the hair spray caps.

resin mold

I ended up breaking everything, both caps and shampoo bottles, to get the napkin rings out. In the process, my hands turned completely blue.

As I showed you before, the results aren’t great. One side looks reasonably normal (the side that was in the cap), but the side that was exposed to the air looks terrible.

napkin rings resin   Sorry, I can’t get the color in this pic to look normal.

I may try and sand them down, but for now they are not workin’ for me.

However, I think this idea has potential! First, I saw these at Target.


Its reassuring that someone’s selling napkin rings that look like my homemade ones (or at least how they looked it my head).

Second, I really like the look of the colored resin. It could be more translucent or dark, depending on how much food coloring you use.

My trouble is that I still can’t think of something to use as a mold. After a week or so, the food coloring stopped leaving marks on my hands so I don’t think that’s a permanent problem. But I don’t want to have to break whatever I use as a mold to do this again.

Also, glass objects DON’T work. The resin sticks. I foolishly used the top of a nice decanter in one mold.


Yeah… Its still on there. We’ll rescue the decanter top soon enough, don’t worry!

So there you have it. My first craft fail (well, the first one where I’ve got pictures!).

Do you have any ideas for how to make this work? Have you ever purchased a resin mold or mold-making products?

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  1. It's so frustrating to spend time on something and then have it not work out :( I guess it wouldn't be any fun if everything worked out perfectly though!

  2. Have you thought of silicone? I am pretty sure they have silicone molds to make donuts - maybe these would work? I really have no idea, never worked with resin. So feel free to complete ignore it! :)


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