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How to Make Your Own Napkin Rings

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a (new to me) product, Envirotex Lite. Envirotex Lite is a clear, hard resin that can be used to make jewelry, put a nice, shiny protective coat on furniture, and for me, make napkin rings! I’ve wanted to buy wood napkin rings in a number of stores but they were all out of my price range. Envirotex Lite was just what I needed to try and make my own.

make napkin rings

The resin was easy to use and produced just what I was hoping for, a smooth, shiny surface on the wood.

Here’s the tutorial on how to make them. It may seem like there are a lot of steps, but each one is quick and easy!

Since I already had some cedar shims at home left over from my sunburst mirror project, I decided to use the extra wood shims to make the pieces of the napkin rings.

What you’ll need:

DIY napkin rings

Wood pieces (I used shims but you can use anything!)
Wood stain (Totally optional. I wanted a darker, warm look to the wood.)
Hot glue gun
Scissors (not pictured)
Wax paper
Envirotex Lite resin

First, I cut some ribbon as the base. I used another napkin ring I had around the house to get the length of the ribbon correct (plus a little extra).

napkin rings

Then I used the shims to make little pieces of wood that would be the parts of the ring. First, cut off the very flimsy end and discard that part. Cut the middle of the shim into little sections. Once it gets too thick to cut, move on to the next one.

I didn’t actually measure the pieces, I just eyeballed the size in order to fill the napkin ring (use the ribbon you cut as a guide). They vary in size and I’m fine with that, but you could measure your ribbon and make the pieces exactly the same size. You could also do a lot of skinnier pieces, that’d look great!

what to do with wood shims

If you like the light wood color, skip the staining step. I wanted dark wood so I stained the shims. I made this step more difficult by layering a really red stain and really dark stain to get the perfect color. Don’t do this :) Just go buy stain (or paint) that you like! Much easier.

Once the little pieces of wood are dry (usually the next day), put some wax paper down on the counter and spread out your wood pieces.

stain shims

Now its time to mix the Envirotex Lite Resin. It comes in two containers, resin and hardener, which need to be mixed just before use.

Don’t forget to wear gloves! This is important to protect your skin.

I loved measuring and mixing the resin, it warmed my nerdy heart; reminded me of chemistry class.

mix resin

Mix the resin and hardener 1:1. You can purchase a Mixing Cup Set that comes with popsicle sticks, brushes, and measuring cups, which makes it really easy to measure and pour. If you have some extra plastic cups laying around you can use those too.

Its important to properly mix the resin so it will harden all the way. The directions suggest mixing in one container for one minute, then move to a new container and mix for another minute (the directions that come in the package have other useful tips too).

Use a popsicle stick to whip it like you’re cooking eggs. I used a little less than 2 ounces and it was enough to make four napkin rings.

Once the resin is mixed, pour it over each piece of wood.

pour resin on wood
Then turn the pieces over and use a brush (or your GLOVED finger) to make sure there is resin covering each side of the wood.

brush resin

You’ll notice that the resin pools around the wood. I spread out another piece of wax paper and gently moved each piece to the new wax paper. This will create a nice thin layer of resin over each piece of wood without too much extra.

envirotex lite

If there are bubbles, gently blow on the wood to get rid of them. At first it looks like your just spreading the resin but then the bubbles disappear! Let it sit for at least 24 hours, so the resin hardens all the way.

Most of my pieces were ready to go but a few had a little extra resin.

napkin rings 2

Just use a pair of scissors to trim it off. Now, use a hot glue gun to glue the wood pieces to the ribbon.
 wood napkin rings

Press it down and clean off any extra glue. Once the whole ribbon is covered, you’re done!

wooden napkin rings

I did this project in three days, but for less than a half hour a day you have homemade napkin rings!

Day 1: Cut pieces and stain wood
Day 2: Cover wood with resin and let sit to harden
Day 3: Make napkin rings

I love the warm tone of the wood and the shiny surface. Also, the wood complements some woven chargers I already owned, which makes me happy.

tablescape woven chargers

There are so many variations you could do to make napkin rings out of Envirotex Lite resin. Use beads or paint the wood a color. If you wanted to get really fancy you could put little tiny black and white photos on the wood or write someone’s name and use it as a place card. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you to Envirotex Lite and the fabulous Crafterminds women for the opportunity to try out this product!

ETI sent me this product to try out. You won’t believe all that you can do with this product.  Envirotex Lite was created by Environmental Technologies Inc. (ETI), which is the home for many resin and mold making products.
The use of resin in jewelry making, mixed media and paper arts continues to grow in popularity. Today, artists are using ETI’s products in many crafty ways and they will be showcasing these works of art on their new blog "
Resin Crafts".

Check them out on:
Resin Crafts Blog
ETI on Facebook
ETI on Twitter

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  1. they look great! :) fun idea!!

  2. Hey, very cool idea! I never would have thought you could pour and then trim later. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a great project!! These napkin rings are so good looking!

    Be sure to enter my awesome $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Your napkin rings look so pretty! What an awesome product! Thanks for the introduction!

    I love when you link to the DIY Project Parade! Thanks for sharing your creativity! ;)

    Have a great week, Katie!


  5. What a really clever & yet simple idea & they look great

  6. Hi Katie, you have patience girl, and it paid off. Those are very cute. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  7. These were a labor of love! I love your blog and am your newest follower :)

  8. love your project.

    I would love for you to link it up to my party that is running now. Any linky goes.

    Come strut your stuff.

  9. Kate, these are cute! I think they would make great decorations for weddings . . . you could personalize them! Awesome.


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