Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shout out to JandJ Home and Northwest Hospitality

A couple days ago I mentioned I owed two amazingly creative bloggers a proper Thank You for two DIY decor pieces I've made recently.

The first is Jeanne from JandJ Home. She posted a great tutorial to make this sunburst mirror. I featured it way back in March and then I finally made it a few weeks ago.

Jeanne’s mirror


Jeanne's tutorial was so easy to follow I was able to watch a basketball game (Really? The playoffs have been going on that long?) and make the mirror.


I was a little unsure of how to hang it up, but I found an easy solution using picture hanging wire from Michael’s.


First, wrap the wire around the wreath frame on one side and then string it across part of the wreath (like on the back of a picture frame). Tie it off the same way you did the first side (like the picture above). Easy as the cast of Jersey Shore.

Once the mirror got into the guest room where its currently living, I realized there wasn't enough contrast between the wall color and the color of the shims so I put a dark stain on it. Much better for our room!


Thank you JandJ Home for the awesome inspiration!

The second blogger I have to thank is Sarah from Northwest Hospitality, for the instructions on how to make a coffee filter lampshade.

Sarah’s lamp


One pack of coffee filters helped transform an old lampshade into this beautiful one.

Same lamp shade!

Funny, I also watched a basketball game while making this lampshade. I've relinquished all control of the remote to my husband. Help!

Thank you ladies for the wonderful inspiration and easy-to-follow tutorials that helped me create great decor pieces on the cheap! Pin It


  1. It looms amazing. I love the dark stain! Thanks so much for the shout out. You are too cute!

  2. Great projects, I love them both! So happy I found your blog.

  3. Love the dark stain on your mirror and that lampshade is gorgeous!

  4. these are both so cute! The lamp shade is AWESOME!

  5. Love the sunburst mirror! I'm about to attempt it and the stain is the perfect color. Any chance you remember what you used?

  6. NPL - Damn! I'm at work and can't remember the name of the stain but I'll look when I get home tonight. So happy you like it!

  7. No worries!! If you have a chance and can find it that's great but if not I'll just wing it! Love the mirror and love your blog, so glad I found it!

  8. NPL - Minwax Polyshades, color is Mission Oak Gloss. Its the stain and polyurathane in one. Hope that helps!


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