Monday, May 9, 2011

My Cat the Genius

Or at least, My Cat the Very Resourceful. He's put his size to good use and figured out how to let himself out the front door!

I know this has nothing to do with home renovation, so thank you for humoring me.

Please excuse his tail... he had to have part of it shaved because of an infection. He's better now though.

If the youtube video above doesn't work please click here:

Its OK if you want to call me a crazy cat lady now :)

I'll be back tomorrow with a bathroom remodel update! Pin It


  1. He is resourceful! What a smarty-cat. I love how he hesitated before going out as if someone outside were going to catch him. I won't comment on his tail either, oops, I guess I just did. Poor guy :)

  2. That is amazing. I am glad our cats haven't figured it out, we would probably never see them again. Puff is always looking to escape the asylum.

  3. I think maybe you are going to have to get a new door knob if you want to keep your little lion in the house.

  4. What a smartie! My parents cat Moe can open the screen door and the catfood cabinet but the front door takes a lot more creativity!

  5. Hey Katie,

    Diego IS intelligent and gorgeous! I am following back in the hopes of seeing more Diego on your blog! :-)

    Have a fabulous week (and look forward to getting to know you too!)



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