Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Repurpose Household Items or, Reasons to Start Hoarding

After using old wine bottles to make fun water pitchers, I got to thinkin’, what other junk do I have around here that I can upcycle? Of course, I turned to the blogosphere for some inspiration and found some fantastic ideas.

First, I love love love these lanterns made of old vases (you know, the kind we you get from a florist?).

And I do mean you, I’ve only gotten flowers a handful of times. Unfortunately this not so subtle hint will fall on deaf ears because I don’t think Matt reads the blog. Unless I ask him to screen my jokes for cheesiness. And yes, I realize most of my jokes are cheesy. You should see the ones he cuts!

Allison at Its Toile Good upcycled old florist vases into these outdoor lanterns.

twine wrapped vase lantern

How cute is that? The lanterns look easy to make and I love how she tried a couple different styles.

burlap ruffle vase lantern

Please go visit Its Toile Good and see how you can make some for yourself!

Erin at Richmond Thrifter repurposed a Bundt pan into an outdoor tabletop flower pot.

Bundt Pan Outdoor Flower Pot

The detail she added to the outside of the pan is perfect – I wouldn’t have known it was a bundt pan! You can find Erin’s tutorial to make your own here.

Bundt pan flower pot

The last great repurposing idea I found was by Halsey of Spunky Junky. She made this wall art

chevron wall art

From shoebox lids! Halsey shares a simple tutorial so you can make your own.

Don’t they look great? Shoebox lids!

chevron art gallery wall

I love these three projects! Thank you to Allison, Erin, and Halsey for the inspiration.

Have you repurposed any household items lately?

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  1. KATIE! I am too thrilled for the feature! THANK YOU for highlighting the lantern project on your blog! I LOVE the outdoor planter idea and the shoe box lids are brilliant! I am always inspired by projects that upcycle household items and I am thrilled to be in the company of these other bloggers! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Those lanterns are ADORABLE!!! I really loved the lanterns suspended from an old timey ladder that you posted from pottery barn and have been wanting some kind of outdoor lanterns....this MAY be the perfect (cheapo) solution!!!

  3. Ha! Loved the title--reasons to start hoarding. ;) Thanks for the visit!

  4. All those are ideas are so cute :) I HATE clutter but always have to convince myself I DONT 'need' everything for every possible DIY project!

  5. That lantern is really cute and unique design. I also like those frame design.


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