Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eye Candy at Pottery Barn

I took another Pottery Barn decorating class today, about designing outdoor spaces. The subject was a little hard to get into given the typical Portland weather, but they have some beautiful stuff in the store (plus lets be honest the 10% off coupon is a big motivator).

Even if you’re like me and Pottery Barn is generally out of your price range, the classes are still pretty useful. You can get a good look at the merchandise and figure out what is worth the moolah, find ideas to knock off and make at home, and get a general feel for decorating trends (to look for ideas at less expensive stores).

Wow that is a long sentence.

That being said, I want to share a few items that are either on sale or worth every penny.

By far my favorite thing we saw today is the melamine dishware. It honestly looks ceramic. Its awesome. Really, until you hold it you think its ceramic. You won’t want to hand it to your kids outside for fear of breaking the beautiful dishes. Its that realistic. I could go on and on about these cool these shatterproof dishes.

Could? Just did.


Even this pitcher and glasses are shatterproof. And they look just as great in real life as they do in this pic.


I can’t get over this serving bowl either.


Plastic! Go check it out. You’ll be surprised how great it looks.

I also fell in love with this ladder.


It was in the store with lanterns hanging off. I thought it added so much character to the staged outdoor room. But there was no price tag, it was just a prop.


Turns out that you can buy PB props at their online Prop Shop. I was so excited I rushed home intending to buy it… until I saw the price. $349! I think I’ll watch craigslist and garage sales for an old ladder to repurpose. But what a cool idea!

This rectangular umbrella is a great addition to a larger outdoor table. The shape provides shade for everyone. The $199 price tag seemed high to me but after a quick online search for rectangular umbrellas, it seems pretty reasonable. IKEA has some for $69 and $79 but they’re round. I totally dig the rectangular shape, its great for hosting a bigger crowd.


These lanterns would add a lot of visual interest to an outdoor table and are priced right (on sale!). The big one is sold out online but was in the local store.


Lots of the outdoor pillows were also on sale. Unlike the indoor pillows at PB, the insert is included.


The vibrant colors are perfect for summer!

If you’re watching your wallet like we are, just think to yourself before buying, “Could I get a better price on this somewhere else?” Sometimes places you wouldn’t think have similar items for half the price. A while back I found a glass canister at Goodwill that was a great knockoff of a Pottery Barn item.


I know Goodwill is hit or miss but I’ve also seen them at Fred Meyer (Kroger for you East Coasters) for a much lower price.

I’ll continue to attend the design classes at Pottery Barn. Even though I can’t afford a lot of the products, its a good excuse to chat with my mom, aunt, and cousin, enjoy a Starbucks and get some ideas. And if I find something I can’t live without, I have the 10% off coupon!

What stores do you go to for inspiration?

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  1. Love this post! I didn't know you could take classes at PB, how cool. I am like you too and can't afford the prices at PB, but love to get all the ideas I can. Kuddos to you!

  2. so fun! I did not know they had classes either!

  3. I didn't know about the classes, either!

    The melamine really is impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I didn't know about the classes, either!

    The melamine really is impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Melamine is great! You can find some great bargains on it as well. I bought an awesome plate set at Costco last year. Very similar to the photo you posted, but I'm guessing it was about half the price. Target also carries it as well!

  6. If you really love PB and it's a seasonal item it almost always goes on sale midway through the season. Summer stuff usually start going on sale in July which means you still have time use it that season. Many items that return year after year, like their umbrellas, don't get discounted much unless their floor samples. This is just coming from someone who worked at PB :) Also if you're interested in floor sample for larger furniture wait until the turn of the season. I hope this makes sense!

  7. I love PB and I did not know you could take classes there! I need to check out my local PB.
    As for their prop shop - hmmm....cute, but the prices are just so ridiculous! Thanks for sharing!


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