Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Summery Entry Way Display

Motivated by Layla’s Summer Link Party, I’d considered trying to dress up a table or mantel for summer. But I was just uninspired. I looked around the house for summery decor but most of it was either already being used (like on our mantel) or just wasn’t workin’ for me.

I had given up. That is, I’d given up until I went to the dentist. Weird, I know, but my dentist is right next door to a Tuesday Morning, so I stopped in to see what they had to offer. I found so much I could have purchased it was overwhelming!

After narrowing it down to just a few items, I went home, told my husband the dentist gave me some new house stuff, and started decorating the desk in my entry.

My goal was to use my new napkins and lantern from Tuesday Morning.

napkins lantern

I combined these new pieces with some items I did have around the house to make a cheery entry way display.

summer entry way

The azaleas in the front yard are blooming like crazy so I went outside to clip a few. I had only half-changed from work but thought, hey, its raining, no one will be outside. Off I went in work shoes (and socks!), soccer shorts, and a frilly sweater. I looked awesome. I’m sure you can guess that I totally got caught by the neighbor as I lurked in the bushes in my put-together outfit.
They already think I’m nuts so no harm done :)

azalea bouquet

I love that you can see the flowers from the couch in the living room and that the sunny yellow napkins are the first greeting when you walk in the front door. The napkins also tie in the yellow accents in the living room.


The only practical part of the decor is that we still have a little bowl to catch our keys when we come home each night.

entry way display

A side note: Tuesday Morning also had these napkins for $1.49. I know its May but I couldn’t pass up 50 cocktail napkins for that price! Plus now I have a new winter drink recipe :)

christmas napkins

Its so nice looking at a cheery display as I sit here on the couch with chocolate chip cookies (what diet?).

summer decor entry way

Sharing our summer entry way at Funky Junk Interiors

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  1. Katie I love love the yellow table clothy things. But the christmas napkins made me realize something. YOU ARE MOM.

  2. Love it! It's bright and cheery as you walk in the door. Great job! Seeing all the mantels on TLC it has motivated me to spruce some of my spaces it too.

    Have a great weekend and holiday

  3. Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard at telling hubby the dentist gave you new house things. Cracking me up. I love the bright sunny yellow. And the azaleas! Love! Just planted a fuscua one St the new house but I live the color of yours.

  4. I love it. The yellow fabric is so cherry and I love that huge bottle you have. Looks great!

  5. It looks great! Your azaleas are lovely. The snowman napkins are so cute- you'll be happy you got them now when December rolls around and you don't have to pay $7 for them! Maybe you should go to the dentist more often. :)

  6. CUTE! See, now I need a smaller version of your desk for my entry!

  7. Love this! I never thought to use napkins in this way, but it looks great. You are so funny and I love that your neighbor caught you looking silly out in the rain!

  8. I love all your yellow accents. I am such a sucker for this sunny hue. Thanks for commenting on my ottoman makeover by the way!


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