Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Caught Me Off Balance

Just for fun, I posted my guest room on HGTV’s Rate My Space. I figured it was a win-win; either my head would inflate a little because of all of the compliments or I would get some great feedback for improvement.

As expected it was a little of both. There were many frank comments telling me what to do (no head inflating here!), but all were constructive and if I asked a follow up question nearly everyone answered. Its like getting useful, specific design advice for free!

The most interesting comment about the guest room was that it was too feminine. I {doh!} forgot to consider that! I think I got so wrapped up in making crafts or getting a great deal that I forgot to balance. The sad thing is I was pretty conscious of that in our master bedroom, but that’s probably because Matt’s in there everyday.

Gender-neutral master bedroom (in progress)

I couldn’t get him to move.

Feminine-leaning guest room (also in progress)

I realize the pic above the bed is too small – working on that!

Ooops, I guess the flowers and lamp shade are pretty girly!

Here are a few tips to learn from my mistakes and create a balanced, gender-neutral bedroom where everyone will be comfortable.

Neutral colors are best for the major pieces of furniture and the walls. Different sources give different ideas but in general you’re safe with white, cream, grey, black, browns, blues, and greens.

Brighter colors like yellow and orange work great for accents but avoid pink (save that for the baby girl or mom cave), camouflage, and any overly manly or girly themes.


Stripes, solids, and geometric patterns work better than floral or ruffles. Floral patterns or ruffles can be used for small accessories such as accent pillows but should not be the main focus in the room (like my guest duvet. Though since its blue I’m determined to make it work!).


If you’re like me and struggle figuring out what to hang on the walls, go for bold, less intricate art. Colorful abstract paintings or mirrors work great for adding visual interest while appealing to everyone. Or if you have a great headboard or bed, sometimes its not needed at all!



Generally, if you can picture your husband/brother/friend being comfortable sleeping there, you’re on the right track! Clean lines, neutral colors, and traditional or modern furniture are a good base, then you can infuse your style and creativity with accent pieces and decor items. I’m off to work on our guest bedroom!

Thank you to Involving Color and The Inspired Room for providing great places to find inspiration photos!

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  1. Haha, we have the same Ikia print of the trees on the wall in our guest room as that last picture. Ours ended up fairly neutral because all of "my stuff" went in there, bed, lamps, Ikia print of trees. Now our master bedroom is all emasculating floral prints and not just the wallpaper. Matt has it lucky.

  2. So, with all this being said, are you going to change anything in your guest room???

  3. Hi Crystal! Yes. I'm not going to get a new duvet because I don't have the funds, but I'm thinking of getting a different lamp shade, something for the walls that's 'manly', and maybe some masculine pillows for the bed (is that an oxy moron?) to break up the floral pattern a bit. Any ideas? You always have great ones!

  4. Since you are keeping your duvet (which I like by BTW), I would definitely add in some stripes on the bed. You could get new pillow shams and a blanket/coverlet to put at the end of the bed. I think white or green would be good. You'll have to show me how to upload photos of my rooms. I want to hear what people have to say. I definitely need some ideas.

  5. Blogger was down last week and I lost all of my comments from this post. Thank you if you commented before, hopefully that doesn't happen again.

  6. Hey Katie, I'm so glad you stumbled my blog, that's exciting. :) I think your guest room has great potential. I love the mirror! I've got a sun burst mirror I've started, but like all my projects have been slow to finish. And I love the night stand. I think if you want a little more gender neutral just change up the bedding and maybe the lamp shade. Though I L-O-V-E IT! and wouldn't want to change the shade at all. And you could totally make something cool to go over your bed. I've been thinking I want a few old windows or some eclectic grouping of frames, or something completely different but equally awesome. :) Thanks again for stopping by, can't wait to see some of your other posts.

  7. great tips! i know it's a bit hard to balance a room as being a girl and very girly, i tend to decorate my room very feminine hehehe but sometimes my husband reminded me by putting a comment or two on how girly it looks :)

    btw i'm your new follower from homemakeronadime blog hop party!


  8. My hubby tends to go more with the masculine side so I'm kinda feminine-deprived. We're working on towards gender-neutral type of decor :) Thanks for joining us and sharing with us this awesome post at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)


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