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Anne from Hello Newman’s Talks Kitchen Ideas

Last week I mentioned that Matt and I are beginning to research our major kitchen remodel. While Matt gets all excited about the possibility of sweating copper pipes together (do I trust him to do that?), I’ve been brainstorming more practically (?) about what features we need in the kitchen. You know, like a wine rack, a double sink, and a cookbook shelf. Really practical things!
 I’m so happy to have Anne here today to help me brainstorm!


Anne usually blogs over at Hello Newman’s (LOVE that name) and has a ton of great ideas, so I was stoked when she agreed to let me interview her in order to glean all of her knowledge about inexpensive design elements for our kitchen remodel.

Check out her kitchen!
She made those glass cabinets!

Hi, Katie.  I am so excited to be here today sharing a few of our kitchen projects and ideas.  If money were no object, I can think of a million things I would like to do.  However, since I try to live in reality, there are some things that will have to wait, maybe forever.  But I can always dream, right?  My hope is that a few of these little projects will help inspire others to realize there are definitely some easy and inexpensive updates you can make to totally transform a kitchen.

What is your favorite feature of your kitchen? 

I would have to say that my favorite feature in our kitchen is the island.  We can't afford new countertops right now (they are however, definitely on my "some day but not some day soon" list).  So....we came up with sort of a compromise for the island.  IKEA sells these super inexpensive pieces of butcher block wood which we added to the island - this totally changed the look of the kitchen without breaking the bank.


If you could change one thing, what would it be?  

I would definitely get rid of the white laminate countertops.  Gag.  I have been tempted to try painting them with one of the countertop painting kits that are on the market right now - but can't seem to get up enough nerve.  I would also make the entire kitchen bigger (if I could do ANYTHING).  It never fails - people congregate around the food.  And the food is always in the kitchen.  We have a good amount of space - but a gal could always use a little more, right? :)


What is your fave DIY project you’ve completed?

We added some super inexpensive DIY glass front cabinets. This has to be one of the best ways for me to keep things neat and organized because people can always see whatcha got in there!  I love that they give an upgraded feel without the cost of custom cabinets (and they force me to keep our plates/bowls/glasses super organized).


Do you have any advice on storage? What has worked well and what do you wish you could change? 

Storage advice - don't keep stuff you don't need.  We have been married about 6 and 1/2 years.  And have lived in 5 different houses.  When we moved this last time, we still had a couple of random kitchen items that were STILL IN THEIR ORIGINAL BOX (meaning we had never used them).  Yep - it was time to do a little de-cluttering.  Another rule I try to live by - keep items on the countertop to a minimum. 

Keep them to a minimum? Between my coffee addiction and Matt’s addiction to popcorn (from the popper), we’re in trouble.

It's not worth letting too much stuff junk up your life. And that goes for any room in the house. (See Anne’s tips for helping yourself purge unneeded items here.)

Any other fun ideas?? 

We have a bay window in our breakfast nook - and I wanted to add curtains.  It did not take me long to realize how difficult and expensive it is to find a bay window curtain rod.  So we improvised with some PVC pipe spray painted silver.  Yep - it ended up costing around $3 for the pipe and $5 for the two end pieces removed from a cheap window rod that I purchased from Ross.


We also used chalkboard paint on one of the blank walls - which I love.  We use it all of the time - for messages, menus, special occasions (and of course our 18 month old loves it too). 


Thanks again for letting me share a few thoughts and ideas. I am so excited to see how your new kitchen turns out - I am sure it will be absolutely beautiful!

Thank YOU Anne for letting me pick your brain!

Now Anne and I want to know: What is your favorite feature of your kitchen? What is a must have?

Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of Anne’s great ideas over at Hello Newman’s. And be sure to say that in a Kramer voice :)

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  1. I'm a friend (in real life) to Anne and I just read through your last, say, 10 posts, and I've decided that you are most definitely a blog that I am adding to my reader to continue. Plus, you have an awesome sense of humor, which I love! Thanks for blogging! :)

  2. My 1960's era cabinets are terrible, but replacing cabinets is very expensive. Any ideas on how to spruce them up?

  3. I love Anne's blog! Her kitchen is beautiful and with great ideas. I love the chalkboard section on the wall. And the pvc piping for curtain rods is a brilliant idea! :) So happy to find your blog, too! :)

  4. thanks so very much for featuring our kitchen! :)


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